Help SAVE the Bellaire House. The Owner needs your help.

Help SAVE the Bellaire House. The Owner needs your help.

As many of you are know, I was recently at the Bellaire House in Ohio with Nick Groff for Paranormal Lockdown. I then returned to do a full on two night spirit communication marathon to hear the spirits who reside there. The video from those two nights is a tour de force of real spirit conversations and clear communication. The Bellaire house is to me, one of the most active spots in the USA. Not all at the house is Evil, some are good and I seem to find that at most hauntings. It’s a wonderful beautiful historic home full of rich history of the residents who live there throughout its history.

When I was there I was able to get to know Kristin Lee, the owner of the house. What many do not even know about is that she has been going through a battle to keep the house, and now she needs your help my help and the help of everyone in the paranormal community. This is why I always hope for PARAUNITY. It is times like these when someone in our community could use all of our help, and I am happy to lend a hand here in any way that I can.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Keith Weldon, Carissa Simpson, Goat (groundskeeper of the house), Kristin Lee (Owner) and myself. Kristin needs our help to save the house. 

You can read the full story at the link below (please do) but she is close to losing the house. She fears whoever takes it will exploit her name, her kids names and her story from the house, for profit and nothing more.

To see her full story and what she needs to save the house and keep it in her ownership, please check out her GO FUND ME page. I will be making my donation this week. 

If you missed my video from the house, it is a must see. See that HERE.