HEAVEN IS REAL…or so says the spirits. AMAZING CLEAR Session with the Wonder Box and Vortex.

HEAVEN IS REAL…or so says the spirits. AMAZING CLEAR Session with the Wonder Box and Vortex.

Hey all! I am back with an all new video, and this time instead of getting threatened, I am told by a spirit that HEAVEN IS REAL. Watch it below…


It’s funny that this message came in, as I was just talking with someone about this last week..about heaven, hell, life and what happens when we die. Maybe spirit heard me discuss this and wanted to assure me that yes, it is real.

Some would lead you to believe these are all demons lying to us, even though there would be no end game here for any demon to tell lies. So to me, that theory is ridiculous. A demon leaving messages of love for years, kindness, and respect, and saying heaven is real does no damage to anyone, hurts no one, etc. So the whole demon theory is ridiculous and fueled by man made religion. Besides, I get plenty of messages where some bad ones tell me they are demons, so they do not hide it when they are present.

While we can not say with 100% certainty that we speak with spirits, angels, demons or whatever, we can say that we are speaking with some sort of intelligence, and these intelligent voices have told me so many times that they are ghosts, spirits, energy, and even demons and angels. When evil entities come through they are not shy about it, at all. So why would they lie half the time? They wouldn’t, as that would make them pretty UN intelligent.

So I take evidence as it is presented to me, and record/document it and analyze it.

Over the last 7 years or so I have recorded thousands of sessions. I have went through it all with these voices. LOVE, THREATS, ATTACKS, PROTECTION┬áKINDNESS AND HATE. There is indeed GOOD and BAD in the spirit realm, and I have dealt with both. So when you hear “these are all demons”, ask for proof of this as those who say it seemingly say it with fact, without any evidence of the claim. None. Period. Because none exists. Yet proof of the contrary does exist.

In any case, this session was recorded yesterday with my Wonder Box Hybrid Custom and the Vortex app. Pretty amazing communication here, and yes, as always 100% real. Enjoy and have a happy holiday weekend!