FIVE Wonder Box’s NOW available for order!

Just an update on the Wonder Box availability as MANY ask me daily when I will offer more of my Wonder Box for sale.

It’s been a few weeks since I have offered any for sale as I have been busy with travel, work and tweaking the box to make it as good as I can while getting the price down somewhat, at least a little for the best box I can make.

Many of you know that the top of the heap box I made, the Wonder Box Custom was sold at a very high cost of $1899. That box cost me $1350-$1400 in parts to make, $120 to pack and ship, and the 3% PayPal fees that I ate meant for my 2-3 weeks of time to make one, I made around $300. For me to work 2-3 weeks on them, taking away time from my real paying career (photo), I simply could not have made them for less. So for anyone wondering why the price of that box was so high, there ya go. I use only premium parts, as I want to make the best device I can make. I’d rather make it as good as it can be rather than making them cheap. 

Seeing that the Custom was my best box ever for results, I looked for ways to keep the nice clean look, amazing sound and performance while cutting the costs down as much as I could.

So my new box is a tweaked version of the custom and while I removed the Orgone and Magnetic energy, I tweaked the look a bit and changed up a few things to create a box as good as the custom but at a couple hundred less.

So this new Wonder Box will be the only one I make for sale at this time, as I would rather sell my best for serious researchers who truly want or need one for their work. These are not for everyone and if you are new to the I suggest THIS solution that will set you back $200 (you can make it yourself, I show you how) and give you a small taste of the original Portal device.

So for those who want a world class ITC device that works and works well for those who are experienced in this work, and know the correct techniques to communication, it just doesn’t get any better than this IMO. If it does, I have yet to see it.

I have used many boxes, devices and while others out there are fantastic (The latest Geoport for example), the Wonder Box is something different indeed and my best evidence of my paranormal research life has come from this device.

Evidence that would have been deemed impossible just two years ago, and evidence that even after hundreds of videos, doing sessions live, having group night validation after validation and even using it in person with strangers, that some just still can not believe is real. When that happens I see it as a compliment as if evidence is coming out so good. that skeptics just can not accept the reality of it, then I am doing something right.

If you have an interest in my Wonder Box device, all info is at the page HERE.

I just put up FIVE boxes for order yesterday (two have sold), and they are 1st come, 1st serve. I will have a photo of the new box this week. I am finishing up the build now. Every day I get emails asking me if I could sell a Wonder Box, so I do this due to demand when I can afford the time to make them. After these five are sold it will be about a month or two until I offer a few more. Thank you.