Talking to the Dead. My latest videos and what I am up to…

Talking to the Dead. My latest videos and what I am up to…

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I updated this website. Been busy with life, and work and an office “remodel”. Also been making a few Wonder Box’s for researchers and having nice time doing so. I find it therapeutic actually.

I have uploaded new videos to my YouTube channel since my last update here, and I will post them all below in case you missed them. My latest shows me using my Wonder Box with only an Olympus LS-P2 digital recorder as the source..for true real time EVP.

No app, no radio yet replies still come through.

So…what am I up to right now and beyond?

This year I will be doing 2-3 trips/investigations and working with others along the way. In April I will be meeting up with Keith and Carissa from the Chillseekers to film an all new investigation for TWO nights at a special location. I will also meet up with George Brown again where we may be collaborating on something new and unique. We will be talking about it in April 😉 I also hope to meet up with HOPE Paranormal this year, Josh and Nikki for another cool investigation and video.

Other than that I am still doing what I do and while I do this Paranormal thing part time, on the side as a passion and for research I may be delving into it FULL TIME in about a year. That means more time spent on research, and bridging the gap even more than we already have.

Within 2 years I expect to be doing this work, research and more full time, with all of my attention devoted to just this work. I have many ideas and need the time to implement them and work on new things and ideas. More group nights are coming (one this month, will announce it soon) and I look forward to those for sure.

New videos will be coming soon, but until then, catch up on my last 2-3 below! Thank you all for your continued love and support!


A New Coffee With Spirits Video, and a new connection

No app or radio, yet replies come in…
A cool little unpublished snippet during a demo of a new Box before I shipped it off to the new owner..
And if you missed the last group night ya go!