LAST CALL! Wonder Box Custom for Sale, and that is it! No more, EVER. ONE LEFT!

One more Wonder Box Custom for Sale, and that is it! No more. ONE LEFT!

Just an update guys because I know if I did not post here then someone would be upset if they missed it. Ever since offering my Wonder Box Custom for sale, it has been selling out within 24-48 hours of offering up 3-5 at a time.

But these cost a fortune to make, and now take me 3 weeks to build. Too much of my time is being taken up by making these customs. I have made around 15 of them so far in 2017 (one for me, two for TV shows and 12 for those who bought one) and have one more to offer. After this one sells I am no longer going to make this Custom Wonder Box with all of the pricey parts.

Yep, it performs the best for me out of any box I made and uses all new parts over the Wonder Box classic. The custom uses 100% different reverb, uses voice control V4, has a newer direct line reverse mode and an upgraded noise reduction. It uses all premium parts, cables, and the audio analyzer alone makes this a unique Wonder Box.

Biggest in sound, richest in sound, clearest in sound and best in performance as it also gives the spirits FIVE energy types to work with. Human (you), Orgone, Crystal, Magnetic and Electrical.

I will keep my custom forever, as only 15 will exist in the world. My best evidence ever has come from my Custom.

After this one sells, I will make and offer the Wonder Box classic using the old school parts (more affordable) for anyone who wants one as it to is a beautiful box and costs half as much and takes half the to make.

So if you have been eyeballing the Wonder Box Custom, now is your last chance to get one as I am offering THE LAST ONE right now.

Full details on how to order, the cost and video samples (will look like the one above in the pic) are HERE. So click on over and if you want it, follow the instructions on how to order. Once this one is gone, it is gone.