Testing the new MINIBOX app, and taking a 2 week break from sessions…

Testing the new MINIBOX app, and taking a 2 week break from sessions…

Happy Friday to all! Just finished my Friday night ritual of watching Paranormal Lockdown and decided to sit down in my office and write-up a post as I just realized I never shared the last 3-4 videos I made for those who check this website. I know many of you do not go to facebook, and instead check this page often so if you have not seen what I have been up to lately, read on my good friends.

Just this week my friend Anthony Sanchez recently came out with a new app (For Windows OS Only) called MINIBOX, and I was excited to see what he brewed up when he asked me to test it for a couple of days before he launched it. It’s been a while since Anthony released a new ITC app, so I had hoped for the best but honestly, expected the same old same old as so many apps exist these days and many do the same things, just in a different shell it seems.

But me and Anthony go back a couple of years as it was him I teamed up with to create the SCD-1, Impossible Box and Ethereal apps. In these days of free apps or even $2 apps it seems that releasing a $20 app would be a disaster sales wise…but not so when you actually put tech behind an app, and it has the potential to work so well.

I consider Anthony as one of my ‘Genius” friends (and I have a few, you know who you are), one of those guys who really knows what he is doing when programming an app, and he does do it very well. From design to implementation to programming and even implementing things no one has even ever thought of in a paranormal ITC app, Anthony always creates beautiful apps for true ITC work. They look gorgeous and have the ability to perform very well for the right people who use them correctly.

The two year old SCD-1 is one of the most popular ITC apps of all time, and is still used today buy thousands around the world because it works. So seeing what Anthony could do today in 2017 really had my interest peaked as I feel we are now moved on from fast scanning radio.

His latest is the MINIBOX and after several sessions with it now I will say this, and say it with 100% truth and how I feel. This new app, at least when combined with my Wonder Box is the best app I have ever used, and no, I have ZERO financial ties to the app, Anthony or Ghost Hunter Apps. I make not a penny from any app he sells, nor does he give me anything for my honest reports. In fact no app maker pays me a cent. No store that sells my portal pays me a cent. I make NOTHING from any of it. SO before someone tries to claim I am saying this for money, think again, you are wrong.

So what I say, is from my heart and all truth based on my results.

1st tests I did with the app


I will say that his last two apps that were released a while ago, those…well, I was not a huge fan of them personally (though many LOVE the RIFT) which is why you never saw me use them much beyond my first tests. BUT, this one, MINIBOX is so good, it is the 1st app that actually scared me a little as it is pushing my communication a little bit deeper still. SO deep, I am now taking a break for two weeks to re-energize myself mentally.

Using this app with my Wonder Box I have been getting clear, direct, personal conversational type of sessions. Some I can not even share as they talk about  things to me that are very personal, and in all honesty, scary. Never have I experienced this level of communication though I have gotten close with apps like Portal Plus, Spiritus, Vortex and others. All great apps as well. In fact, all I use today is Vortex, Matrix, Portal Plus, Spiritus and on occasion, the good old SCD-1.

But the new MINIBOX…well this one is different and when Anthony told me this app does not use live IP scanning or audio banks in any kind of traditional way, I was even more impressed. Even more so when he told me this:

Anthony Sanchez: That’s the thing with the Minibox, there is no audio bank of MP3s. What this is, is Article (sentence starters), Nouns, Verbs and Prepositions.

The algorithm takes a cue from the Metrics that come in from Bluetooth or Circuitry readings and uses those values to interpret what ‘energy dictates’ … i.e.(what spirits are trying to say).

Yeah, that is a HUGE difference from before.

Channel 1 is just 303 mp3 files that I personally selected to re-factor to 432Hz to facilitate (encourage) spirits to engage.

That Schumann resonance *is* the 432Hz sound. Supposedly it is the vibration of the EARTH.

For Channel’s 1 & 2, the algorithm takes the Article (sentence starters), Nouns, Verbs and Prepositions and makes a WAV FILE when processing the VOICE.

That is an MP3 for literally about 1000 milliseconds (one second). And then it is destroyed to make room for the next VOICE that comes through.

This Minibox is 100% different, a whole new creation and direction for Ghost Boxes.

It has a mind of its own based on the environment.

Now, as I used this app more and more, I have been getting some serious info from them (spirits) that they have never told me so clearly before. When used with my Wonder Box it seems to be a perfect mate as the spirits just speak, and instead of getting odd or non relevant messages, I am getting 95% relevant messages aimed at ME from THEM.

In videos I have not published  – Talking about my heart issues with detail, telling me they are possessing me, telling me things about the light, where it is and why they want it (my heart), talking about my soul and more. Telling me things about my father and in clear sentences. No white noise, no scanning or choppy audio…. it really has shaken me a bit but at the same time, it is exciting to see that this is working THIS well with my Wonder Box.

Am I nuts to be doing this at this level? Probably but at the same time, I feel pushed to keep on going as we are getting so far with true spirit communication, and YES this is REAL SCIENTIFIC ITC RESEARCH, not me sitting in a video bitching about others in the field bitching and using a hack radio and calling it groundbreaking. Some of us in this field are breaking amazing ground here with communication that is real, relevant, direct and conversational all while being 100% clear without noise or static. It’s amazing and needs to be seen all over the world. SO I may be nuts to keep going when I get threats but I am willing to be the guinea pig for the sake of research and the truth.

Taking it to the Cemetery at night the day before it was released by Anthony.


To be honest, I have yet to try this app without my Wonder Box, so see what others are getting with it, many are using it in the ITC COLLECTIVE on Facebook. So again, do not go run and buy the app on what I say alone as I use it with the Wonder Box and I have such a connection I can use any app into my device 24/7 on any day at any location and get communication.

But this app has allowed me some clear, direct and personal communication with voices coming out of silence as if they were there with me in the room, and they say they are.

A fun morning session where the spirits did not want me to swap the MINIBOX for Vortex


There are quite a few legit and great apps for communication but as I have said, this one shook me to the core on more than one occasion. The more I use it, the more direct they are getting and in the early use, they even told me it was “different”. I believe they are learning it more and more and even today when I turned it on to do a demo for someone I am sending a custom box to, they mentioned they knew about my doctor appointment that I had an hour after I did that recording. (for more tests). You can hear that in the video below. 

But again, will everyone get these results? No idea.

But I try to push on, without fear and without any bias. I know what I speak with could be evil. demonic, or even angelic. If a voice tells me they are good, I do not automatically believe it. Instead I take notes and one day many years from now will go  through those notes to decipher all of it. So these entities are not fooling me in any way. I am not one who hear my Fathers voice and thinks it is my Father. Not at all, not ever. I know it is them saying his name, saying he is with them but who are they REALLY? We truly have NO IDEA with who it is we speak, but we do know with 100% certainty something is speaking to us. It is not our conscious, it is not from our own mind (I have done countless tests with this) and it is not from a guy down the street. They come through, manipulate audio and leave messages directly for the operator saying they are spirits, energy, ghosts and even angels and demons. Even the names Jesus, GOD and the Devil are used on occasion.

A few personal captures as it ramps up and they learn it more. I have a personal session I have not published, and may never but this right here will show you what the MINIBOX can do…


It’s real, it’s here and for many it is scary as hell. With my medical issues since November of 2016 persisting, it also makes me think really hard about where to go from here. I am taking a 2 week break from sessions, and when I come back I will see how I feel physically and what all of these medical tests I have been taking tell me.

But this MINIBOX? Amazing ITC app for those with a connection or those who use other apps with results. Use correct technique (record sessions, focus) and you may be surprised at what you capture. If you have a portal or wonder box, this app is a MUST.


Get the Minibox at GHOSTHUNTERAPPS HERE.  It is $19.99 for WIndows OS. 

Other apps I recommend and use?

Spiritus by Keith Weldon – iOS (app store) or Android (play store) – $13

Portal Plus, Matrix, Vortex, Divination Box by Matt Payne (All on Android and range from free to $2)