Next Group Session Night – Sunday Feb 19th. Here is how to join in…

Next Group Session Night – Sunday Feb 19th. Here is how to join in…

It’s that time again, time for the next group night which will be my 1st Spirit Communication session in about a week.

What is the group night session? 

If you are new to  them, it is a night when anyone, no matter where you reside in the world can participate (100% free) to try to receive a message or validation from your loved ones. I have been doing  these for years now and last month brought them back and we had a ver productive night with what appeared to be multiple validations for many who participated.

I do not stream these live, there is no skype involved, there is no need for anyone who joins in to do nothing more than a 15 minute meditation during the hour BEFORE I do the session.

My LAST group night from last Month


I will be doing my session Sunday night at 9PM. That is when I start. For these I usually end 45 minutes later. This means, if you wanted to try to receive a message from your loved ones, all you would have to do is meditate (instructions below) for 15 minutes, in a quiet room in your home. Your meditation goes a long way in how successful you will be in getting a message or validation, so if you want to join in, you must do your part as well!Anywhere from 24-48 hours later I post the full session after I had a chance to listen back to the evidence. As we know, 40-70% of spirit replies may not be heard until careful listening at playback. So when I do the 45 minute session recording, the next day I will spend hours reviewing the audio to listen for the messages. This is why it is silly and useless to do these live as going over the audio takes me several hours. Also, live distracts from the concentration, focus and messages due to everyone commenting.These sessions have to be extremely focused and I do my meditation before I start so I am focused, relaxed and in the right mental state to communicate, and hopefully with some of YOUR loved ones.

Over the last several years I have done these and we have had AMAZING validations almost every single time. Not everyone will get a validation, maybe one of you, maybe 5 of you, maybe 10 or 20 but we usually have anywhere from 500-1200 participating from ALL OVER the world and I have NO IDEA who joins in until I post the video 24-48 hours later when all of the validations are confirmed.

So I have no idea who joins in as I do not want to know any names or info about anyone. This way if a reply comes in then it makes it that much more valid.

So this will be taking place Sunday night the 19th at 9PM mountain time, USA. To participate, you simply need to meditate between 8-9PM Mountain time US and ask any loved one you seek a validation from to come to me and speak.

After your 15 minute meditation, you can go about your night as you would normally, so all in all, this will take you 15 minutes. 😉 Then the next night you can watch the finished video that has all of the messages that came in.

So if you would like to potentially receive a message or validation, read below on how to join in. It’s 100% FREE and open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

I will be using my latest Wonder Box for this session as it has been giving me amazing validations lately.


Between 8-9PM on Sunday Feb 19th (Mountain Time USA, you can google it) you must sit in a quite room in your home free of distraction, free of outside influence and a place where you can lay down or sit down in a fully relaxed state. This works best when the room is 100% dark and quiet.

As you sit or lay down, free your mind from distractions, free your mind from your stress and worries. Picture a blank black space with nothing in it. Try your best to relax and clear the mind, this is the hardest part.

Once you are able to clear your mind, start focusing on the black space and see that you are now flying through space pass up stars, and revel in the beauty of space. You can breathe easily and have no worries or stress and for now, all that matters to you is this moment.

As you fly through space you will soon come to a glowing light in the sky…keep heading for it and start to focus on the loved one you want to hear from. As yo focus on them you will see a door and a frame surrounded by white light. Fly up to the door and then imagine you are now in front of it, ready to open it. As you put your hand on the door knob, picture your loved one and know they are behind the door waiting to see you.

Open the door, and you will be faced by your loved one who will be smiling and happy to see you. Give them a hug, a kiss. Hold their hand. Tell them you miss them and love them and that you would like them to come to STEVE HUFF tonight to speak and leave a message or validation for them. You can spend as much time here as you wish. Be vivid, do not let your mind wander. KNOW that YOU ARE speaking to your loved one. THEY WILL HEAR YOU.

After you speak to them and make the request, tell them that you must leave and that you hope to hear from them through Steve Huff who will have his devices on that will allow them to speak.

Step away from the door, close it and fall back. You will fall backwards through space and land back into your seat or bed. Open your eyes and you are done.

To those who have never meditated like this, it may be hard to focus and hard to visualize but the more focused you are, the more chance of success. This method has worked in the past for many who joined in on these group nights.

Finally, if you join in and do the meditation please know there are never guarantees and this is still considered experimental. You may not get anything out of it, but you may.

No need to tell me if you are participating, no need to confirm as you will be confirming with the spirit of your loved one during your meditation, not me. I look forward to this next Group Night session and hope for many validations.