Hear the Voices of the Dead. Intense session with energy transfer device test.

Hear the Voices of the Dead. Intense session with energy transfer device test.

Last week I did a session using my “Human Antenna” again, and it will most likely be the last time I use it on my own. I have used it 3 times now, maybe 4, but 3 times for a full spirit session and each time with enhanced results..once even with visions (see that one here)

It consists of a copper coil around my head, around my body and on my finger all going into the device to test a theory that they can use MY energy to speak. It also implements certain kinds of crystals that I have found seems to help with communication and connecting.

I feel this energy transfer works to some extent but when I use it I also feel more drained and each time, not 100% myself when done. Meaning, twice I have gotten chest pains from it and once I just felt “off”. So I am scrapping the idea but this was my last session using it.

In the video below, they even tell me to “hold the copper coil” at one point in this session, and another moment in this session they mention I am hooked up to something. Validations throughout this session which are incredible but for now, I have packed away the antenna that is full of copper, crystals and even rubber. My original goal and vision with it was to make four of them and have four users at the box using  them at one time to create a “Super Seance” scenario. That may still happen, but I would have to find three others willing to give it a shot with me. Hmmmmmm.

See my latest video below and I apologize for the awful lighting in advance, I was not aware I could not be seen but it was dark in the room. The lights behind me made the camera expose for them, not me. Even so, you can hear them loud and clear.

Enjoy this spirit communication. I am still dedicated to pushing the limits of this. Thank you! Also, if you do not follow my facebook page, do so HERE as soon I will announce the next group session night where anyone can join in to see if they get a message from their loved ones. Free of course as it’s all experimental as always.

THANK YOU ALL!!!! Let’s make this an awesome week 😉