To my Haters: I love you. Be happy, be calm. It will all be OK.

To my Haters: I Love You. Be happy, be calm. It will all be OK.

Well well. What do we have here! I knew it was coming but being the top independent YouTube guy in the para field has its ups and its downs. With popularity comes hate and jealousy. Gobs of it. It’s a fact of life. Especially when those who hate have been doing so for years, and seeing me succeed has them flipping their lids as they thought for sure that their lie and smear campaigns over the last 3 years would have stopped me from pursuing my research, my dreams and my goals. But this is not a post to trash those who hate me, it is a serious post and one to say even if you hate me, I do not hate you.

But hey, I told them from day one of the hate…hate all you want, you will NEVER intimidate me and I will never stop pursuing this research. They do not understand when something is in you and a part of you, you NEVER give that up due to negativity and hate thrown your way. If you do? That is a sure-fire recipe for failure and depression. I have dealt with hate that comes from success a few times in life. Hell, I even had it in the photo business for a while and wrote about it in 2013 HERE.   The similarities today are so shocking it inspired me to write this. See, I have been well conditioned to this hate that comes from Jealousy. It does not bother me like it would most. I understand where it comes from, as it is part of human nature..but for some it can not be controlled.

History has shown that anytime someone makes progress in something that goes above and beyond others who came before, those people get attacked and it becomes an addiction for those who hate. They feel threatened for some reason by what I am doing and accomplishing. Is it because it is not them? Is it because they do not want progress? I do not really know. Wish I did. 

Fact: some of my haters are my biggest most loyal fans. They never miss a thing I do, ever. Kind of strange huh? But I am not here to bash them, I am here to love them. 

They hate me, yet they love me. They talk about me what seems to be almost daily, and I am their center of attention on many days on social media where people these days just love to be mean and nasty. They let hate and jealousy drive them and it also destroys their lives and their own success, and many do not even realize they are railroading their own lives and possible careers. I see it happen to them with my own eyes as do many others.

Another Fact: My biggest haters are those who I used to help promote and was so kind to. I gave one of my first ever portals to one of them for FREE. He worked with me and praised me online. I promoted one guys app so much early on he loved me, another guy I urged to start building and selling Spirit Boxes as I liked the guy and believed in his abilities, then I used his box and everyone wanted one, he deserved it. I was praised by these people over and over (and have screenshots and videos to prove it) then when I grew and my success became more and more apparent to them, and I started working my ass off on this research due to passion, drive and a genuine love of ITC AND I started to get the radio interviews on Coast to Coast and attention..then they started to turn on me. Jealousy reared its head and sadly for me their egos got the best of them, I won’t lie…it hurts when you think you have a trusted friend and they backstab you like you never meant a thing to them. But Instead of working with me as I suggested, they tried to discredit me, to get rid of me or to even kill me (yes, death threats). Yes, you have NO IDEA what I have dealt with to get to where I am at so far. It’s sickening but hey, someone has to do it.

But if it were to ever be confirmed that it is Jealousy driving this hate, it is right now. It’s clear as day too. 

See, those who hate on me make up a very small percentage of those in the ITC field, a VERY small % of online people who say they are in this for research but never seem to do any. IMO, honestly it seems that all they research these days is me and my work, and they make videos using my name to attempt to discredit me with ridiculous accusations, lies and whacky conspiracy theories to get attention and views by using my name. The most recent? I have walkie talkies built into my wonder box device…thats how I get results. They used to say I layered audio in editing but when they see me now using an audio analyzer that shows the audio coming in real-time, they switched to the walkie-talkie theory. Lol. To me, this is just silly and seems like something a 6th grader would say. No offense but seriously. How can we progress with this field when we have this kind of hate and backward thinking? FACT: There is no special trick devices in my Wonder Box. It is a device that helps the spirits speak… an enhancer and IT WORKS for those with a connection, and those willing to build that connection. This is being proven as I type this by many who now own one and are loving it. For some communication comes quick, others 2-3 weeks. Those who follow my advice of love, respect and dedication will have success, period. But as always I only recommend my device to experienced researchers. It may not work for all!

More comical actions? These haters have also recently tried to say I used to be a faith healing preacher and Debby was my accomplice! THAT ONE was truly making me laugh. They have said I was a rapist, beat Debby and took naked videos of my stepdaughters. All in a disgusting bully tactic to ATTEMPT to discredit me. ALL LIES of course and anyone with intelligence would see this.  All it does to me, and many who see them is show how twisted and jealous they are.

But back to the proof that it is jealousy driving them, for years now. (It has become the career of 2 of them, hating on me..or so it seems)

With the news breaking of me being on Paranormal Lockdown this week and Nick Groff using my Wonder Box and even calling it “Amazing” (he has used it extensively and knows it works) on last weeks episode it has them going insane with anger and renewed hate, what would fuel that? Hmmmm. Considering that many of these people have been wanting to get a TV show forever, and have tried out for some…it is crystal clear what it is. JEALOUSY. To them, their lie, hate and smear campaign should have done me in but little do they know, when you have passion, when you know what you are doing will make a difference and when you are in fact GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO, you will never ever give it up. EVER. When they LIE and spread tall tales…well, that never sticks as it is lies and BS with an agenda to knock someone off their game. Never works. My goal was NEVER to get a show (and I DO NOT have one) but being asked to be on Lockdown was an honor and a chance to prove what I do is real, and to help raise awareness which is what Nick, Katrina and Rob are now doing every week by using real tools made by real researchers instead of using tools made for profit from those who are NOT researchers. We should applaud that more than anything. It’s a forward thinking move.

NOTHING the hate crowd can say or do would ever stop me and truth be told, I find it comical these days as they have used every trick in the book, all of them. From sending me feces in the mail, to using fake FB profiles to message my friends with lies and so on and so on. It reeks of desperation and because they are addicted in a way to hating on me, many have seemingly stopped the research and just critique all I do. It’s fascinating and creepy at the same time. Boggles the brain. I’ve always said..stay away from negative people as they will suck you dry and take you down that hole with them, and it is HARD to get out. I’ve warned others who went down that road, they went anyway and now they are in that hole. Wishing they could get out.

But it is what it is, and they can say whatever they like about me, even if it is lies. The world we live in today allows this. But what I do is real, always has been and always will be. See, I respect this field while they disrespect it by trying to hold it back and stay back in the old days of static radios or old theories and even some myths that have been proven untrue. To them, they see me as a threat because I am changing the rules, trying new things and going outside of the box. BUT THAT IS HOW PROGRESS IS MADE! That is what it takes and if I have to be the punching bag to further progress, so be it. I will take the hits for others to come in and think outside the box. One day someone will come along and make something so amazing..all by thinking outside the norm. When we get stuck in the past we will NEVER EVER break through to the other side. To be fair one guy who used to hate is progressing with his radio by eliminating the noise which I applause, even if he hates me.

But yes, my devices are real and have come from 2 years of dedication and passion and loads of cash poured in to research. There are already countless copies of it all over, many being sold! Because it works and it is popular. These days, hundreds around the world have built their own portals, mini portals and use my apps and they get amazing results. Yes, ITC is changing but for the better. Why on earth would we stick to the old days of static radios when there is so much better to be discovered and researched? Most of these haters all say apps do not work when we have proven over and over again that they do, and better than radios! When I use a radio these days, the spirits say “APP!” because they have an easier time using the apps! If these individuals actually tried to be positive and use correct methods when doing sessions with these apps maybe they would experience what I and many others do. The main guy spreading this “apps are fake” lie has something to lose by the success of apps as all he does is hack radios and sell them for profit. At least he used to, not sure if anyone is buying them these days.

But this post is to say to my haters, I DO NOT HATE YOU! I have no hate in my heart for any of you, even after the awful and atrocious things you have tried to do to me and my family in an attempt to stop my success over the years. In fact I have love for everyone. We are all human, we are all here experiencing life together. Hate has no place in my life. EVER. I have evolved over the years and instead of hate for those who hate me, I have sadness in my heart for them as I know they could be doing so much more. Some are talented, some have passion and some do have a deep love for ITC. But they let their hate and anger go above that just so they can keep hating on me, they let that hate warp reality.

Debby and I even watch one guy on YouTube who sometimes (rarely as he is trying to avoid drama and hate himself it seems) takes jabs at me from time to time as we enjoy his videos and his rants. A guy named Scary Larry (Moses) who I felt for recently as he was hospitalized. I watched his YouTube video and almost welled up when I saw him speak of the costs of his medicine. I always watch him, even when he takes jabs at me. I see through the hate and some people I can tell are truly good people deep down, some just get caught up in the drama. Hell, I have gotten caught up in it before as well. Emotions are a SOB and can drive us to do things we later regret. When I saw Larry’s video about his medical expenses I wanted to somehow help him. But that is just how I am. Always feeling for others who need help. Just part of who I am.

But feel free to take a look at the hate videos about me on YouTube, I hear they are quite special indeed. They are also useless as none of them has ever hindered my success, instead it has driven me more to succeed so in a way, they have been a great tool for me, those biggest fans of mine. I love you guys as you helped make me what I am today. You helped drive my passion for this field even more. When you make a death threat, or tell a huge lie or use tactics like messaging friends of mine or trying to hack my business web site or send me feces in the mail I just chuckle, shake my head and say “I hope one day they will get it”. I mean that, as I always hold out for hope. Also, I never bash on anyone, I never name them, and I never start any trouble. I do what I do, mind my business and enjoy the rewards because my focus is on the research not what someone else is or is not doing. As I said before, the love for what I do FAR outnumbers the hate. 

Since the hate campaign started 2-3 years ago my YouTube subscriber base has tripled, my views have tripled and my devices have gotten more and more effective. I have had more requests to be on big radio shows than ever before as most see the reality in what I do and the honest approach I take. I speak from the heart and its shows. The majority can see this.

The LOVE for what I do outnumbers the hate by 1000 to 1. For every hater out there I have 1000 who love what I do and that is a beautiful thing as I always said positivity and love will ALWAYS beat hate. Besides, anyone who believes what these people spew…I really would rather not have as a fan of mine anyway. To me it is about the research, and I take it seriously. Those who work with me know this and they know my passion and I work with some amazing positive people. I have done my sessions with live groups, live broadcasts and worked with many. So the whole ‘crying fake” game got old and boring long ago 😉

But to those who hate me and spew lies and to those who believe the lies and nonsense, I love you guys anyway. We are all human. You have feelings, I have feelings. Why would anyone want to purposely try to hurt another? I can not answer that as it is not something I have ever done in life, but to those who do, you should stop the nonsense before it truly overtakes you. I do not hate you, yet you hate me. If you do not like what I do, do not watch what I do. Carve your own path, create new ideas for ITC, work alongside good people to create ways for us to bridge that gap because I will NEVER go away. For me, it is always ONWARD and UPWARD. If you want to continue to waste your time and energy on me, I mean..I am honored but at some point you have to realize you are hurting yourself, not me.

Be happy, be calm. It will all be OK. I promise.