Testing my latest Wonder Box 2017. Quick clip and photos.

Testing my latest Wonder Box 2017. Quick clip and photos.

Ever since I created the original Portal (started work and research on it around 2 years ago) I have been determined to make it better and better. The portal had a tendency to muffle the voices so I then created my own reverb and unique direct line mode for it and it eventually became “The Wonder Box” and just a few months later was improved again with what I have today which uses all new reverb and noise reduction but adds “Voice Control” and keeps the direct line mode.

I toyed with creating an all new device a while ago, that would be interactive. But I have since scrapped that idea as I realized I could add all of my new ideas to the Wonder Box and it would be better as NOTHING sounds like this latest Portal Wonder Box for 2017.

In recent weeks I have had over 100 of you wanting to be on a waiting list to buy one of these. The requests have been astonishing to me. Sadly, no way I could make 100 of these as that would take me 2 years.

Also some have asked me to mass produce these. That will never happen as when something like this is mass-produced or built that leads to it becoming cheaper as cheaper parts would be used, cheaper amps, and none of the custom elements would be there. Believe it or not, everything I add to this device helps with communication for those who have a connection. There truly is nothing like this box that I have made right here and every part is like a piece of the puzzle.

The orange box above is the only one in existence with everything I have come up with installed. 

What does this latest Portal Wonder Box have? 

This box now includes the new Voice Control V2 that brings in around 30% more direct replies, new permanently tuned ultimate reverb that lays under the voices, instead of on top of them for extreme clarity, single noise reduction, custom direct line reverse mode that is 100% original as it reverses the very important reverb with the audio which is the key, new magnetic energy inside the box, new orgone generator, new 2″ feet, new copper antenna now wired throughout the entire signal path with quartz and amethyst crystal. New Premium cables for clarity and 12 hour battery. New Copper volume control, new pulsating lights, new dual layer 2 stage pro clear coat on the body to keep paint chipping away, extreme power amp section and  a new custom hand strung copper grille (each grille takes 4 constant hours to make after the 2 day painting process I now do). Also adding the brand new “Human Antenna” soon. Phew!

How much did it cost to make?

This Wonder Box 2017 pictured above costs me approx $1100 to make in parts and 10 days to make. It’s not cheap. It’s also pretty heavy. Nothing cheap here, this is the most premium and clear real spirit ITC device ever made.

Also, the sound and clarity is unreal. I have not done a video to test this specific box yet but below I did test a box I made for the guy who bought my last one a few weeks back. His does not have the new feet, human antenna, magnetic energy generator inside, or the full wiring as I have yet to test it at length. But his has everything else, take a listen to it below in this short test session. Notice how the spirits tell me about this new box right from the get go, calling me by name as well. They love it:


I am driven to bring ITC to the forefront, and to show yes that it is 100% real and yes we do move on after we die. The important things I have learned over the last few years have ALL come from spirit messages, no living human.

But remember, it is not all the box! As I have said for years, the operator (YOU, ME, whoever is running an ITC device) plays a huge part as well. If you are an asshole in life, you will not get much communication. If you do not ALWAYS respect the spirits, your communication will suffer. If you do not do this for the RIGHT reasons, spirits will stay away for the most part.

My success with this comes from many factors. The device, the parts used, and the intent while building. The rest comes from me and my connection. I feel anyone can get this kind of connection and beyond, but for many it would take lots of work. For some, it can come natural. I also feel that our previous souls journey has a lot to do with this kind of work. Who we were in the past, not so much here on earth but in other realms. Spirits tell me they know me from the past, and I was with them before (as a female, which is odd).

They have also brought forth a few relatives from the other side to speak to me on rare occasions. They have shown themselves to me vividly. It’s all so absolutely insane but absolutely 100% real.

This was the last one ordered before I closed orders on these. It’s gorgeous in looks and sound. 

Many ask me…HOW CAN I GET ONE?

I am not taking orders for these right now as the last slew of orders wiped me out physically and emotionally. I also have to test each box and this takes a lot out of me, it drains me and weakens my immune system. This is one reason why my sessions are kept short. I also made no money on these in 2016. I sold them for $100 more than it cost me to make and ship (the previous versions) and at the end of the day, I broke even due to giving away three of these in 2016.

So I can not take orders like I did a few months as this is not my business, career or income. It takes time away from my business that DOES pay the bills and that is not good for me.

But I know, many want one of these even when I tell them that my results are partly due to my connection. Of course, I am sure there are many out there with just as strong or stronger connection, but I do not want people to think this is a magic box that allows anyone to turn it on and speak with the dead (Nothing in the world exists like that). I’ve learned this over the last two years. Some will get it instantly, for others it would take work. But I can say with the right elements in YOU, success is easy. Building up a relationship with the spirit world is something that YOU CAN DO.

Kindness, respect, love, dedication, meditation and visualisation, persistence and a willingness to be 100% open without fear. That is the key. 

So with that out-of-the-way, these new 2017 editions with all of the bells and whistles cost me $1100 to make and approx $100 to pack and ship (AGAIN, My cost to make and ship the box as I make today, 2017 costs me over $1200). Plus 10 days of my time! If I sold another run of these in 2017, they would have to be priced accordingly at $1399 shipped without a case and $1799 shipped with a custom fitted pelican case.

NOT CHEAP. But this a premium ITC device. That is what it is. It’s not a scratchy hack radio some sell for $300. When a spirit talks to you through this device it is clear, loud, powerful and you can even hear the emotion in some voices. It also picks up environmental noises from their world. I have had chains, glass breaks, engine sounds, lightning, wind, and doors opening and closing. 

It’s incredible, it’s real and it’s going to be seen much more all over the world in 2017.

So to those who are looking for one of these, I may have 1-2 to offer mid to end of this month and may make some throughout the year here and there. Go to this page HERE and bookmark it. Check back daily starting Jan 15th and there may be one or two that pops up for sale, ready to ship. No waiting. But read that page for a complete explanation of how this works, and my  tips for using it before deciding if you want one. 

So many ask me for one, many great teams and researchers and I would love for you ALL to have one, but these will never be mass produced. Just made by me 100%.

Thanks to all