See me on Paranormal Lockdown on Jan 20th 2017! The Bellaire House!

See me on Paranormal Lockdown on Jan 20th 2017! The Bellaire House!

I posted this on my Facebook last week, but some of you here do not ever see my facebook so just wanted to post it here so you guys do not miss the Jan 20th episode of Paranormal Lockdown! I will be there with my good friend George Brown as we were asked to come in and help unlock some mysteries of the very active Bellaire house.

I came in with my Wonder Box and it was a great experience. I had no idea what to expect but Nick and Rob (the cameraman and producer) just told me to be me and do what I do. They were curious to see what I could get with my Wonder Box in this active location. I can not give anything away but I will say it should be an amazing episode. I have not seen it, so will see it for the 1st time with all of you but I was there first hand, only for a small time, and it was amazing. So I am excited to see the episode!

So set your DVRs or tune in live to TLC on Jan 2oth 2017 to see what happened and if we did find any answers.

I will say again that working with Nick, Katrina and Rob was nothing but a pleasure and the fact that they are thinking outside of the box, open to new technology for ITC and inviting guys like me and George in speaks volumes. Instead of the same old same old, they are pushing the limits trying new methods for seeing and talking to spirits and they are staying positive along the way. My kind of researchers for sure. I expect them to continue to grow the show and I already see it as they seem to be getting into a great groove.

The last episode at Waverly Hills was a great watch, never slow and it was over so quick. That to me is a sign of a great did not drag at all. They also used the Wonder Box on the Waverly episode as well as a very cool Thermal Drone that captured a very cool anomaly. They also used a couple of other cutting edge of pieces of equipment which was awesome to see. Instead of sticking with the norm, Paranormal Lockdown is out there to push the limits. I love it.