Group Night Returned! It was amazing…see the video here!

Group Night Returned! It was amazing…see the video here!

It has been a while but something told me yesterday  to “do a group night session”. So I went to my facebook last night and did a live stream announcing that in 3 hours I would be doing a group night session, just like I used to do them over the years. Many are new to me and my channel and may not know what a “group night” is so let me explain.

A few years ago I started these group sessions, usually doing one per month. I would post an event page on my Huff Paranormal facebook page 2-4 weeks in advance with instructions on how ANYONE anywhere in the world could participate. The goal? To have the deceased loved ones of those who participate try to come through and leave a validation message for them. 

All those who wanted to join in had to do was do a 15 minute meditation 1-3 hours before I did my session. I did my session at my home, and those who joined in to try to get a message did their meditation at their home. No skype, no live stream, just their meditation following my instructions and then I do the session asking for those spirits to come in and leave validation.

Over the many that we did we had LOADS of validation come in. Before I did the session, I never ever knew who was participating, or name, or any information. In fact I always asked for those participating to NOT let me know any names or info, and they did not even have to tell me they were participating. I never knew who or how many did the meditation.

It has been a while and with so many requests daily from those wanting me to do a session for them (which I do not do) I decided to give it a go again, this time with the latest equipment (My Wonder Box and Specific apps and even a P-SB7 for the radio fans). So I announced on Facebook yesterday, gave instructions, told everyone to NOT tell me who was joining in or give any names or ANY info. It was to be an experiment to see if we could connect with at least ONE participants loved on. If we get more, even better but there is never guarantees as it is experimental.

As always, 100% free of charge as for me it is about the research and seeing just how far we can go with this.

So last night at 9PM Phoenix AZ time I did my session. Below is the entire video. If you participated, be sure to watch and listen closely as almost ANYTHING can be a validation. I do not and never will do these live for a few reasons. #1..many replies are not heard until playback, and it takes me HOURS to go over the footage to listen for the replies. if I streamed live, most would miss 75% of the replies. Some would be heard but not all, and then they would think they did not get a validation. That’s the lazy way  to do it but since I feel these are very important, I take the several hours needed to go over the footage and get the replies out. Also, during a live stream thousands of comments would come in, and comments would also come in from a few negative hate fill individuals… to bicker and start trouble with those who were participating, and that would throw off my energy and concentration. NOT gonna happen where certain idiots mess with group night 😉 Never.

So I prefer the hard way…doing the work to do my meditation before the session, doing my best during the session with focus and concentration and also doing the many hours of work needed after the session to tag the replies I hear. I also sometimes miss some, so you may hear some I missed. In any case, enjoy this group night session video that was recorded on 1/15/2017.

The Wonder Box did AMAZING. Listen for yourself. Onward and upward my friends, and love to all.