Good spirit communication apps WORK. So do Radios. But what do the spirits prefer?

Good spirit communication apps WORK. So do Radios. But what do the spirits prefer?

1st let me ask the spirits using a P-SB7 spirit radio  what they prefer…then below some undeniable amazing sessions using APPS…


Hey to all! I hope everyone if off to a great start of their week. It is Monday and while I used to hate Mondays, these days I love them. For me it represents the start of a new week, a week that I can try my best to make better than the week before. So think positive! Think happy thoughts and I bet your week will be that much better.


I have been hearing about more negativity within the usual negative ITC circles lately. It seems many still prefer drama to research and anger and jealousy to productivity. It’s really sad to see but it has always been there, and in fact, it is not just in the ITC field, it is everywhere. Nothing new, it’s just a fact of life.

But lately some have been telling me there are some out there in ITC land saying “Apps are all fake”, which is absolute NONSENSE. In fact,  a well created, well implemented app will do much better than a scanning radio. Of course scanning radios DO WORK for communication, but even so, some select apps are performing to a higher level for clarity, length of response and even how direct replies can be. This has been tested, shown and proven. Over and over and over again. Not just by me either.

Sure, there are indeed FAKE toy apps out there like the ones that insert scary photos in to your real photos or the ones that use random word generators or ones that are implemented horribly or ones that use static or white noise as a base. But there are many real ones out there, even some created by some haters of mine work very well.

I used my Wonder Box along with an app on Paranormal Lockdown and I received RELEVANT replies that were spot on to the owner of the Bellaire house. If apps were fake, this would not be possible. Yes, it was 100% real, I would not have done it if it could not be real, as this is what I do, and I am always 100% real. 

If you see ANYONE tell you that ALL apps are fake or even good apps like Spiritus, Divintaion Box, Portal Plus. Matrix, SCD-1, or IB1 (there are many more but this is just for example) are fake that is a sure sign that this person does not really know how spirits speak to us. THIS IS FACT, not me starting drama. It is fact, and has been proven. Period. I do not like others spreading lies, and falsities out of their own hate or agenda. It does no good for progression of the ITC field.

Many like to cling to old theories that ended up not being correct, and because they started in ITC by hacking or using radios, they feel a radio is the only “scientific” way to communicate. Well that is rubbish, 100%.

I will say it again and this has been SCIENTIFICALLY tested and proven. Spirits MANIPULATE audio to speak, and they do this wether they use a radio or app. When a radio scanner or app is implemented correctly (no noise, slower scan, good source audio) and USED correctly (record and review is MANDATORY with any ITC device, if you fail to do this you will miss up anywhere from 50%-90% of replies) then that would be an ideal device or app. It would give the spirits clear audio to change/manipulate.


When we give them static, white noise, crackles and uber fast scanning all we can hope for is one word, maybe two word super fast noisy replies. That is not ideal for the spirits, at all!  The higher quality audio you give them along with something that is not doing some sort of TURBO scan, then they will be able to communicate with you much easier.

This is why apps like Spiritus work so well. This is why apps like Portal Plus using IP scan can work so well with a portal and Wonder Box. Think about it. Spirit Box radios such as the P-SB7 scan radio stations between 50ms and 350ms. That radio has had white noise put into it as past theories thought we needed it for spirits to speak. But at its core, it is scanning through radio channels to give spirits the audio to manipulate and speak (They do not use antennas or signals to broadcast like some has said in the past, not at all. NO RADIO SIGNAL is ever needed for spirit communication).

An app like portal plus or even the SCD-1 does the same thing but uses IP radio, so there is no static or noise. The Portal Plus app IP scan was designed with a portal in mind because it allows us to go as slow as 3000ms and uses other techniques to allow spirits to manipulate that audio, and be spaced out in the replies. No chatter, ever. When fed into a Wonder Box, spirits can take this audio and use the tools of the box (there are now around 12 things implemented that help them to speak) to make it MUCH easier for them to speak in longer phrases, in much more clarity and even being more direct.

But a Wonder Box or Portal is not needed for an App to work. The Wonder Box just makes it easier and more effective for the spirits to use. 

Apps, for me and many others work much better than radios do and we get more direct relevant communication as well. Some have started the apps are fake rumors because they sell hack radios and do not want to lose sales. Others have started it because they want the old ways of ITC and do not want to progress or try anything new, others use the Apps are fake nonsense because they are angry and negative and maybe they did not use an app correctly and just feel it is fake. Some know they are real but push they are fale out of their hate for the creator of the app.

I wish some of them would sit down, and seriously TRY a good app with an open and clear mind, using the correct techniques. They may be surprised if they can get that anger out of their system before connecting.



I am about to expose a HUGE FACT that some of you may not know. You would be surprised how many do NOT know this. Yes, some thing a radio or app is a magic box that can instantly connect to spirits. They are not and never have been. 

For any app or radio to work to the level like you see in my sessions, and many others who do this work requires more than an app or radio. It requires a connection to the other side, even a small one will do the trick. Some have had it their entire lives, others need to work at it and some will never get it. If you are angry, negative and just spew hate you will never have that deep connection required for spirit to fully trust you and speak freely with you 24/7. That is just how it is.

If you are new to this, you can get this connection by using positivity, kindness and respect to the spirits and use that in life in general as well. Well, that is how I do it. They sense your intent and can do so quite easily. If they feel you are mocking them, making demands or are doing this for the wrong reasons, they may not speak to you. They also may, but not at a deep deep level.

Now, almost anyone can get “replies”, but to make that connection and to have spirits know you, trust you and converse with you requires work and no app or radio or device will offer you that magic all in itself.

But as you saw in the video at the top of this page, APPS work VERY well.

In case you missed it, here is an INCREDIBLE video using my Wonder Box and Matt Payne’s MATRIX app. Spirits are  taking the vocal audio being fed in, and changing it to form their messages by using the tools of the box and my connection and energy. Yes, all I am using here is the app. Incredible.