Announcement: To those who want a Portal Device…

Announcement: To those who want a Portal Device…

Hello to all! For the last 2 years or so so many have asked me to build them a portal. I never  ever wanted to start making them to sell because I have always been so busy, and always just shared how anyone could make them for themselves if they wanted. The portal as it was originally made was basic. Three main parts, that was it.

As it progressed in to the Wonder Box and many variations of it, it became something totally new, and more costly to make. Today my latest Wonder Box I have made to sell cost me over $1200 to make in parts alone. Then shipping, then the paypal fees I eat. So much work, and expense and the time is just something I do not have.

The truth is, after this latest run of Wonder Boxes I am making (5 of them I released for order on the 18th) I will be taking a break from making them as I would rather be concentrating on building my connection deeper and deeper to find the answers and do what I can to help spirits. Building  them, at this time, for me is an energy sucker and never a money making endeavor, no matter what some may think or say. 

BUT IF YOU WANT A PORTAL (not a wonder box) OR  A MNI PORTAL and do not want to make them yourself there is a shop selling them to spec now. Some may remember I was a little upset when I saw shops selling the portal using my name, not to spec.

Well, we worked it all out. I spoke with the owner of Gotcha Ghost and we both decided to work together instead of argue or create drama that helps NO ONE. All I did was ask them to make them to spec, use the right reverb and they could sell them using my name as that is all I wanted. For them to be made correctly if using the Portal name. I would give them my “Stamp of Approval: so to speak.


I have been assured they are made to my specifications. So you will be getting a real portal or mini! Everyone is happy! Me, the shop and those who want a portal but felt they could not make one themselves.

You can check out Gotcha Ghost HERE and see what they have to offer. 

Also, just want to be clear I asked for NO MONEY from them at all. NO commissions, no portions of the sale, nothing. All I wanted was for EVERYONE to be happy.

So I am happy to let everyone know where they can buy a legit original portal or mini. Joe, the owner of Gotcha ended up being a great down to earth guy and I am glad we connected to work together instead of fighting or making drama. Was never my intent or his. I just want anyone who truly wants to try this device, to be able to so you now have that option, or of course you can still make them yourself.


If you want a Portal, Gotcha Ghost is where you can buy one. 

I only worked this out because the demand is high for these and I feel bad turning poeple down who want one. This works for everyone and also goes a way towards PARAUNITY 😉

If you want a full tricked out Wonder Box. Well, not sure if I will be offering anymore but if I do it would be one here and there. Remember, this is not my job or how I earn a living so I do not have time to always make these devices. So I apologize for that to those who have been wanting one. if I ever jump into ITC full time, then maybe but for now, I just cannot do that. But thank you all for your support over the years. Love to all.

Thank you