Scary LATE NIGHT Spirit Session. Intense, Creepy.


LATE NIGHT Spirit Session. Intense, Creepy.

So I have refrained from doing a session since my last attack just over a week ago. Instead I have been spending time working on the Wonder Box device and finding ways to make it even better yet again. I did some work on my personal Wonder Box Ultimate and left it in my kitchen after I snapped a few shots of it with my camera.

I go to bed, and I decided to watch some old videos of mine from a few years ago. As I did, I was being pushed from within to go turn on my Wonder Box, and do a session. I was feeling OK, and while I have a couple of heart tests to do this Friday (Stress test and Echo) from last weeks ER visit I figured a short session would be OK.

I go out, turn on the device and start to talk. They talked back and immediately mentioned my heart. Yes, last weekend I was in the ER and then admitted for a possible heart attack after the Hotel San Carlos visit.

Mid week, just a few days ago I had a Wonder Box to ship out and I do a demo for each person who I build one for via a private video. During that demo they mentioned that I had a heart attack. Now this session, they mention my heart again.

Here is the clip from a few days ago…

So quite interesting that days after my Hospital stay for cardiac issues, this message comes in during a demo of the box.

But it does not end there…last nights session mentioned my heart again…

Take a look, though I warn some that this is a bit creepy, and it is 100% real. I am now taking a 2 week break from sessions, and halting Wonder Box sales for now as well. Taking a break from all of this for 2 weeks to see how I feel as last night session brought back the chest tightness and pain.

Also, I would like to address something I see some talking about with my videos. For the record, I do NOT do these for entertainment. These are real research videos and experiments. Just because I make my videos enjoyable and easy to watch does not mean I make them for entertainment. The two can go hand in hand, real progressive cutting edge research and nicely edited videos that are enjoyable to watch. Nothing I do is for “entertainment” or fun. It’s the real deal. Always.

I started this years ago to raise awareness and that can not be done by producing long drawn out boring videos of bad quality 😉 So I invest time, money and energy into making these as good as I can, so more see what is truly happening in the field of ITC.

Now that this has been cleared up,

Thanks to all!

Last Night’s Session