How Spirits use my Portal Wonder Box to Speak. With Proof. P-SB7, Apps, Police Scanner


How Spirits use my Portal Wonder Box to Speak. With Proof. P-SB7, Apps, Police Scanner

I see it again and again and again. Many just do not understand how spirits actually use devices, especially my portal wonder box, to speak to us. Yes, we now have devices made by many out there in ITC land that can connect and allow the dead to speak. Some are clearer than others and some are better than others but today I am focusing on my very own PORTAL WONDER BOX.

I made this video today after seeing someone make a comment about “steve huff uses apps with such and such audio” or whatever they said. The point is, it does not matter in the slightest what audio is used into this device. Spirits can use ANYTHING to manipulate and get their messages out. What I look for, and what we all should look for are direct answers or comments to the situation or the question. When this happens, the plain and simple facts are it can NOT be disputed. Period.

If we ask a question, and get a direct relevant answer, well..there is no way of explaining that to anyone. I get direct relevant answers each and every time I fire up my Wonder Box. That is partly due to my connection and the device, both work hand in hand along with the spirits who learned how to use my device over the last two years.

Wether I use humming, cat meows, movie soundtracks or radio it does not matter as spirits take that audio, and change it in real-time using my Portal Wonder Box as it gives them every tool I know of to help them do just that, and it keeps getting better. I prove this in the video below. Yes, prove it.

So enjoy this video. It’s 27 minutes but worth the watch as I go over just how they use my device (and others) and I prove it with sessions using a P-SB7 spirit radio, the Portal Plus app and a Police Scanner in backwards reverse direct line mode.

Enjoy! This one is worth the watch 100%. See it below!