My Most Amazing Direct Spirit Session Yet. See the video.


My Most Amazing Direct Spirit Session Yet. See the video.


Wow, it is getting good my friends. But also a bit scary.

While I am not “scared”, I am starting to think more and more as to what we are dealing with as this field evolves into direct back and forth communication with voices that call themselves “the dead”.

What we have today near the end of 2016 is clear, unmistakable evidence. No more static filled or noise filled one word blurts that left skeptics shaking their heads when investigators would share their evidence. Today some of us are experiencing this communication advancement… first hand.

I will say that YES WE CAN speak with beings that are not of this earth or dimension. They call themselves spirits, angels, demons. I talk to them several times per week. They call me by name, they mention my Father often, they tell me what to add to my device and they help me test new ideas with messages of  “It’s working” or “It’s not working right”. It’s fascinating, and 100% real. I can not stress that enough.

I am at a point with my communication that not only has me excited…but also a little concerned about what is to come next. With the messages now saying “join us” on multiple occasions, I wonder what their plans are..for me. It can get me to thinking but at the same time, I feel we need to keep pushing and forging ahead. Something IN ME is pushing me to do this. Could it be the spirits? Possibly. Could it be Demons? Maybe.


I never feel like I am in danger (besides the very rare attack), I never feel depressed, stressed, unhappy or like I hate life. I love life, am as happy as can be, have almost no stress and could not wish for more than I have. I live a humble life but a happy one. Doing this work, many told me years ago I would become depressed, stressed, lose all of my possessions in life and love. The opposite has happened. My life is blessed so I see no negatives doing this work when you do it responsibly.

Take a look at my latest video below, and check back to my YouTube channel often as I release new videos every 2-3 days. Also check out my Facebook HERE as I often post small clips there exclusively.

ITC is changing my friends, and it is getting serious but it is also getting to where we have dreamed about for years.  I look forward to 2017 and working with many of you.

My latest video with real spirit communication