My 1st official Wonder Box Ultimate Test. Wow, does it sound out of this world.



My 1st official Wonder Box Ultimate Test. Wow, does it sound out of this world.

My brain never ever rests when it comes to thinking of new ways to enhance and improve the field of I.T.C. Every time I make a new device I think “This is as good as it can get” Then, months later I think “This can be improved” and I go to work testing new ideas and new theories and new ways of enhancing spirit communication.

I wanted the clarity to get as clear as normal talking, I wanted response to be more direct, I wanted long sentence replies to be the norm. I wanted a way to help enhance with connections to their world and it has all come together in my latest Wonder Box Device.

This was not cheap to make, in fact, parts alone for MY personal box cost me around $1150 (I loaded it with another experimental mode that I am testing). Shipping one costs about $150.

So this is no $60 ghost box, this is the best device I know how to make in 2016 for spirit communication with new ideas already in my head for a large personal one of a kind project for 2017.

To me, this new version of the Wonder Box  is about as good as a Portal Wonder Box can ever get. It is crystal clear, has a huge powerful sound that projects and fills a room, the new advanced reverb works different from before as it is placed UNDER the voices instead of on top of them.  This results in giving us the benefits of Reverb (longer replies, more direct replies, etc) while making the voices as clear as ever.

It has a new Copper Antenna, new noise dual noise reduction system, and my personal box has a “VOICE CONTROL” mode that is experimental but pretty cool so far. If it works out I will add them to all future Ultimate boxes. I am also testing a “sway” mode that kind of brings in the voices in waves. Theory is, spirits will know when the next wave hits, and they will try at that time to speak. So far, testing of this mode is going good as well. But these are again, experimental and I have not yet proven if these actually help communication.

When I first powered it on I was shocked at the depth of sound. It sounds richer, deeper, fuller, clearer and larger than the original Wonder Box and Portal, and when you watch the video below you will hear the amazing clarity, that I did not expect. It sounds like an all new speaker upgrade, and amp upgrade. Crazy.

It’s funny but each device I make sounds different. No two portals, wonder box’s or these Ultimates sound the same. It’s so strange that even when using the same parts, the sound changes. I can not explain it but I love it.

When I make a box for someone, I always put the intent there when building it. I say who it is for, and ask for kind spirits to come through for the new owner. Maybe that can change the sound, who knows 😉 Does not seem possible but in this line of work, anything is possible.

I am thrilled to where we are at with Spirit Communication here at the end of 2016 and I am SO EXCITED for 2017 as there are a few things I have lined up that are pretty exciting. Going to be an awesome year for ITC in 2017!!!

In any case, this is my latest finished device, the Wonder Box Ultimate, in action:


The Wonder Box Original for 2017