More Spirit Sessions with my Wonder Box and my Dedication to this Research Continues.


More Spirit Sessions with my Wonder Box and my Dedication to this Research Continues. 

My Portal Wonder Box device has been getting loads of attention lately. With more and more paranormal researchers using this device all around the world more and more are seeing the results that can be obtained with it when it. True and Real Spirit Communication has never been more direct, more clear, more conversational than it is today at the end of 2016. Never.

Quite a while ago I built my 1st full size huge Wonder Box. It was incredible but too heavy, too large, and not able to run on battery. This box was the 1st one made especially for Nick Groff of Paranormal Lockdown. This was my test before shipping it out…

Some in this field call my device fake, some refuse to believe it, some do not understand it and some are just in denial. Others embrace it, some build them, some build variants of this device, some 100% believe and those are the ones who are getting astonishing communication today.

This device is  real, it is as real as you are sitting there reading this right now. It is in no way fake, sensationalized, hyped and what comes out of it is not altered or added. It is what it is. It has been proven hundreds of times by many researchers and there are now many of these devices out there. Wether they are in the standard Portal form, Wonder Box or the newest 2017 Wonder Box what is happening here is special.

Well, to me it is anyway. Very special.

I set out on a goal years ago to try my best to solidify my spirit connection. I spent years now with dedication, meditation, hard work and spending tens of thousands of dollars testing, trying and building devices, and most of what the Portal Wonder Box has become is thanks to the Spirits themselves.

An early 2016 Wonder Box


Many times they have told me what to implement into the box, to make it better. There are still two things they keep telling me to add. One of them I have no idea how to implement right now, and the other would cost me thousands of dollars to add to ONE box. So I have not yet tried this suggestion.

In any case, the Wonder Box is blowing my mind whenever I use it. Each session seems to get more intense, more personal and with a more solid connection than I have ever had. This is a serious tool that I have grown with, and it has grown with me as well. I am so proud of what I have created here. I am also proud of the other researchers who continue on day after day creating ways to connect with the afterlife. 

An intense Wonder Box Session. 1st part testing a box before shipping, 2nd using my personal Wonder Box Ultimate.


While some hate filled poeple in this field do not take this research serious, and have the “know it all” attitude while doing nothing more than using the occasional fast scanning radio and putting down others who are really getting somewhere, those poeple are never in my life or mindset. To be successful at ANYTHING in life we must never give into bullies, detractors, or anyone who attacks us or anyone who says “you will never succeed”. They attack us out of jealousy, anger, and the fact that they feel like they should be getting somewhere (when most of what they do is hate, lie, trash talk, etc) when they are not. Well, no surprise as success happens from dedication to your craft. It happens when you respect your work and all that it is involved with. It happens when you treat others in your line of research with love and respect and it happens when you work with others who are smart, have knowledge and want to push the envelope as much as you do.

I am the happiest I have ever been in life at 47 years of age. I would not change a thing with my life and while I am not rich with cash, I am rich with love, family, friends, life experience, travel, and a satisfaction that I have never had before in life, in all areas. It’s crazy. Who would have thought that talking with the dead would bring peace, happiness and serenity to my life? Not me, as the “experts” all say it is full of danger, negativity and that doing this type of  thing would destroy lives, not help them.

Well, I live in reality and go by reality. All I have experienced (99%) with this work and research has been positive, good, fulfilling, and massively exciting. The results are there and they are real, and incredible. While some others go around fighting amongst each other in this field, or attacking me, I ignore them and concentrate on my work, which is probably why I am breaking new ground here. The more dedication one puts into this, the more serious they are, the more positive they are, the more they WANT to connect…the more they will, and do.

A quick cemetery visit mid day with my Wonder Box


I think the reason it is getting so good for me, and my devices is due to my mental state. I am dedicated to this for life. I put this out to the universe. I am a 100% believer in the afterlife and I have zero doubts. I have no fear, instead I drop ALL fear even when things get a bit sketchy and scary. When you have an attitude like this, I feel it improves the communication greatly.

THIS IS A HUGE part of my life, period. I think it shows. It shows in my excitement for this work, the dedication I have shown over the years and the “Never give up” attitude that will stay with me until the day I die.

What is amazing is I do not make money doing this work, not yet anyway. Even with selling a few Wonder Box’s this year at a profit of under $1000 for all of them sold (and a few weeks of my time), I am still losing money every year doing this research. While I spent less this year than in the past I will keep doing what I need to do to improve ITC even if it means spending cash to test new ideas or travel to locations or giving away a Wonder Box as I do every year to a couple of great people.

As good as it all is now for spirit communication, it is going to get even better and more incredible over the next five years. Stay tuned folks, as I have loads of ideas popping into my head every week.

Love to all, light to all and happiness to everyone!!!

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