Did the Spirit of Ed Warren come through My Wonder Box? Listen and see what YOU think…


Did the Spirit of Ed Warren come through My Wonder Box? Listen and see what YOU think…

Over the past couple of years I have been getting the name ED, Edward and Warren come through in sessions. The “Warren” was never on the same nights as “Ed” so I thought nothing of it, as I am sure there are countlessĀ spirits named Ed, or Warren.

But last night after getting ED again I thought…what if this IS ED WARREN? How amazing would it be to have a researcher (Ed was a Demonologist) on the other side, helping us on this side with communication? Maybe there is a warning to be heard, or maybe just a simple validation.

No one knows of course but when I directly asked for ED WARREN and asked if he has been trying to contact me, the answer could not have been ANY clearer, and the answer could not have been any more direct. The kicker? To me and many others it sounds JUST LIKE ED WARREN. The inflection, the voice…AMAZING.

Now with that said, I am NOT saying Ed Warren came through my device. I can not say 100% as there is simply no way to prove it. Some will say its a demon, some will say it’s a spirit pretending, some will say it is Ed, others will just pass it off as fake. While I assure you nothing here is fake and never has been, what I am going to do soon is do a full session with the sole intent on reaching Ed. It may fail, it may not, but if not it may just turn out to be something very special.

In any case, my communication has been getting more direct, clearer and the best it has ever been. I think this is happening due to my further focus, my further meditations, my further concentration and my latest enhancements I have made to my Wonder Box (now uses six pedals). All of it has made a difference and to be honest, my focus has been like a red hot laser for a few weeks. When I do a session, my mind is 100% on that session.

It has been paying off.

See the video below and hear for yourself. Also, keep in mind the source was a Jensen Hack Spirit Box Scanning Radio, AM mode, running into my wonder box. That is all. The new enhancements take out 99% of noise, and chatter. See much more of this box at My YouTube Channel

Enjoy. Love and Light to all.


PS – Ignore the effects in the intro, I was trying out a new editor and seeing what some of the video effects look like šŸ˜‰ I don’t like it so will not use that one again! Thanks all!