Wonder Box Mini with new apps, telephone to the dead, positivity, passion and more!


Incredible Spirit Sessions: Wonder Box Mini with new apps, telephone to the dead and more!

These days I wake up every day feeling blessed, loved, and with a peace of mind I have never had in my life. For the past 5-6 years I have become very spiritual, and also I have been of a very positive mindset for all of this time. I reject negativity and hate at all costs as those things will in fact bring you down in life. I see it every day, every hour. In the age of the internet where negative people thrive as they can be faceless (wearing masks is cowardly), nameless (fake names and profiles are cowardly) and cowardly while pushing their hate lie filled BS agenda. People like that, how are they supposed to be taken seriously?

Me, I am the opposite, and I thank God for that each and every day. Even when life throws us a curve ball, or even worse, a tragedy..I look at the positive side of it all, and there is plenty of positive to be found on this earth if we just stop, and take a look around.

This is the only way to live for me as I would never waste my life, my energy or my positive nature on negativity and hate. Life for ALL OF US is important and it is VERY short, why waste it on the nonsense? Exactly.

My life is truly blessed. While my younger life in grade school and even high school was quite different as it is today (I was a loner, very shy and had only 1 or 2 good friends, by choice), as was my life in my 20’s through 30’s ( due to being drug through some very demanding and stressful  times in the late 90’s and 2000’s) but today my life could not be better, and I attribute this to my positivity, happiness and love for all things living. Yea, I am the guy who saves bee’s out of my pool. I am the guy who will not step on an ant. I feel all things living are here for a reason, but I am also an empath, so I could never kill an innocent creature who has done me no harm. I feel for all living beings.

That’s how I go through life and that is why I feel spirits respond to me so well. No matter where I go, what device I use, they talk, they respond. Today myself and MANY others are doing this work in an UN-DEBUNKABLE way., meaning no one can “explain it away” as so  many have been doing for so many years. In fact, sometimes it scares me a teeny bit.

It’s a fact, there are so many devices out there that claim to “talk to the dead” and even my own Wonder Box Mini, while being a powerful enhancer to apps, boxes, radio or whatever you feed into it (even Cat Meows or Police Scanner)  – spirits will use the tools given to them in the Wonder Box mini and use those tools to speak with us, USING ANY SOURCE AUDIO. BUT that does not mean anyone can pick one up, turn it on and talk to the dead. It has taken me YEARS to get to this level. SEVEN years of daily dedication, almost daily sessions, thousands of hours of sessions, hundreds of hours of mediations and always giving my full respect to the spirits. The tools out there, if you are new to this, think of them as tools to grow and work with. There is nothing out there that is a miracle device. But if you are connected, some of these devices will GREATLY improve your communication, and some out there being sold will hinder it. I have always stated this, while many do not mention these facts. Spirit Boxes, Apps, etc will not work for everyone, this is a fact but I feel ANYONE, if they so desire, can build up a connection easily, with some time and effort.

I share my love, my energy and my empathy with spirits, and they love this. Instead of yelling at them, instead of making demands, I let them be themselves and speak to me on their own terms. They seem to appreciate this. It works.

I have done sessions live for groups, live for a few, live for a few skeptics (one whom came away in tears when her uncle came through whom I had no clue about). Today in 2016 there are tools that allow those with a connection to truly connect with direct replies to questions, information we have never known and even at times, a sense of humor. Sometimes they are nasty, threaten and sometimes they tell of places that only comes from our dreams and nightmares.

It’s a fascinating thing, and one I will be involved in for the rest of my life, wether that day comes today or in 30 years. Once you have that connection, it never leaves you. With that said, be on the lookout for some huge news from me soon. This year and next is going to be amazing 😉

Enjoy the new videos below, I posted two this week so far with many more on the way!

In this video, I test the new App from Anthony Sanchez of GhostHunterApps.com and the new SPIRITUS app from Keith Weldon of the Chillseekers. 

BELOW: I test the new Gaia Divintaion Suite from GHA that consists of Divination Tools such as a Ghost Box with all new voices and banks, a tarot deck for those who want to give readings to others or themselves and a “fortune teller” section that is more fun and games but can also help put those messages out into the universe (which I am a huge believer in). I would have liked to see the banks have clearer source audio, but it works, and the answers were direct and to the point. Quite amazing. I also test the visual side of Keith Weldons new app “SPIRITUS” that also has a visual side to it…take a look:


BELOW: I also took my new Wonder Box Mini with Telephone to the Dead to the local cemetery, and once again, the spirits did not let me down, even when taking my own questions as the source audio, that were all reversed and played backwards out of the speaker, and manipulating it to answer me. Amazing cutting edge stuff that the world will be seeing much more of by not only me, but others. Its the real deal and others are currently using this tech at the ITC COLLECTIVE with amazing results  – it’s not just me, anyone with a true connection will get the same results  😉


BELOW: Testing the new “DIVINATION BOX” app from Matt Payne (free app on Android) with very interesting results..keep in mind, the DIVINATION BOX uses only reverse speech audio, so nothing coming out should make sense…


BELOW: Testing the new MURMUR Box app from Matt Payne (free app on Android) with creepy results! BTW, the MURMUR BOX uses all reverse audio, so NOTHING should make sense coming out.


As always, everything you see and hear was recorded as it happened live. My promise to all of you is that I will always push forward with new ideas and new ways to break through the barriers to the other side, all while never making a cent or asking you for money. Yep, I LOSE money every year (THOUSANDS)  to do this work, crazy huh? To some, yes, to me, NO as I feel this work is VERY IMPORTANT and needs to be SERIOUSLY looked at, which is why I do what I do.

Thank you all for your continued support. 😉