The Sessions Continue..Wonder Box, Divination Box, Spiritus, Heaven Box and more


The Sessions Continue..Wonder Box, Divination Box, Spiritus, Heaven Box and more

Below is a video of a few sessions from the past week using the Wonder Box, and expanding on the sessions from my last video. The connection here is getting stronger, and is better than ever. THIS is what it has always been about…pushing the envelope, finding new ways to speak with spirit instead of the old noisy horrible sounding ghost boxes of the past. While they had their day and purpose, we have moved on from that in the world of ITC.

With the Wonder Box, we can use ANY audio source into it, we can put in ANYTHING and have spirit manipulate it to speak. We could load in 5 words spoken over and over and over and spirit will change it. All of this has been shown, and proven over and over again.

Spirits do not use radio broadcasts to speak, they speak by CHANGING the audio to what they want to say. In the past, some believed they needed radio. They do not. Some believed fast scanning clips would help by allowing them to choose snippets to piece together. That is not how they speak.

What myself and many researchers have found today is spirits need clear clean audio to speak by manipulating that audio to form what they want to say. I have used dogs barking, cats meowing, my own voice saying one phrase over and over, a police scanner (in reverse) and so much more, all showing that spirit will use whatever we give them to speak.

Where we need to go from here is to develop something that allows CRYSTAL CLEAR voices to be fed in, with space in between. We need to ditch turbo scan radios and move to a slower pace as the more good audio we give them, the longer the replies, the more intelligent replies, them more direct the replies.

The wonder box of course enhances this communication in a huge way by giving them the tools they need to speak better, and the tools we need to prove it is spirit speaking. When you feed in something that says “MY NAME IS FRED< I LIVE IN A HOUSE” and what comes out is “PLEASE GIVE US THE LIGHT” that is rock solid proof that spirit is manipulating the audio.

This is how communication works with ALL apps, period. All an app is doing is providing RAW audio for a spirit, and if implemented well, the spirits will use it to speak. The clearer the better.

Of course, not all of us can do this work. Some get few replies, some get none, some get non stop replies. I have worked to get to this level for years, and it is getting very very strong. Again, for years my life has been SOAKED with love, positivity, ZERO stress, NO hate, NO anger and no jealousy. My life is amazing, and this is a huge part of my life, and always has been.

I will always do this work, I will always share it with the world, and I will always stand up for the community, those who pursue this work as it NEEDS to be taken seriously by the world.

Enjoy the latest…