Wonder Box Mini – First Test – Murmur Box and Police Scanner


Wonder Box Mini – First Test

This was meant to be a test but it ended up being a pretty damn good session. Using a police scanner in reverse mode, and the Murmur Box app (free Android app) which puts out human speech in reverse (I had reverse modes off for this one) the spirits were not only coming through, but giving more info than they normally do during a quick session.

The Wonder Box Mini is a smaller version of my huge wonder box. Has all the same features and then some as this one runs on power from the wall or a battery pack. All four NEW pedals, custom algorithms for reverb and reverse and the new DIRECT LINE MODE. Simply awesome.

Many have asked me if I would sell this box, and I always say “not really’ due to time, expense to make, shipping, etc. But I may be making 10 of these, and 10 only, fully loaded and customized. Painted, customized, signed and numbered. This is a special device, the best one I have ever made for ITC (Spirit Communication) and it works AMAZING. We already have a few out there testing them with astonishing results. This is the 1st UN-DEBUNKABLE spirit communication device. Fact.

If I make these 10, they will pre-sell FAST, so if you are interested in getting on my list, email me HERE. I will email you back with price, info, time frame, etc.

I will also be posting on how to assemble one yourself and how to program the pedals with the custom settings if you so desire..soon.