SPIRIT VOICE: Johnny Cash & Michael Jackson Sessions. Wonder Box. Simply amazing.


SPIRIT VOICE: Johnny Cash & Michael Jackson Sessions. Wonder Box. Simply amazing.

My favorite personal session to date, and that is saying a lot as I have hundreds of sessions and thousands of hours of recordings.

I always say that we have NO WAY to ever tell who is coming through these devices. We know SOMETHING is, and they tell me they are spirits, souls, and sometimes they will use the word ghost. Everything I have learned from these years of research tells me that WE ARE INDEED talking with the dead.

But connecting with a specific person? That CAN be tricky, take loads of energy, meditation and a true desire to reach out to that one person. To date, I feel I have connected now with TWO specific people without a doubt…I say I BELIEVE THIS, as I was the one doing the sessions, it was my experience and when you do this for a long time, and are dedicating your life to it, you just know. Spirits can show themselves to you in many ways.

In any case, those two I feel truly came through were Robin Williams and now Johnny Cash. Michael Jackson, this one is also possibly but I did not FEEL the confirmation on that one like I did with the Johnny Cash sessions.

Either way though, i could be wrong. Could be a spirit playing games. We just never ever know.

But no matter what, nothing will take away what came through during these sessions, and the emotion, the feeling, the incredible replies in their own voice…it’s an amazing thing.

Enjoy this, as for me, it is as close to a conversation as I have gotten, and it was the most amazing feeling doing these. The video is self-explanatory but I used my new WONDER BOX in REVERSE DIRECT LINE MODE, where it should have been IMPOSSIBLE to get a reply. But there were MANY.