100% UN-DEBUNKABLE SESSION. A TRUE Telephone to the Dead. Incredible.


100% UN-DEBUNKABLE SESSION. A TRUE Telephone to the Dead. Incredible.

Hello to all! I am back today with a new session, and a new method for connecting with spirits that is absolutely 100% UN-DEBUNKABLE. That is fact. No one can explain what is happening here, or deny it. Well, many can deny it as most skeptics go to this as a backup when they can not explain it away. I prefer reality 😉

What is happening here was led to me by the spirits themselves. When I added the telephone handset to the Wonder Box, they kept saying things like “use the phone”, “the telephone”…etc. These can all be seen in videos I have posted recently.

A few days ago, they said “TELEPHONE” again. I then said “I have tried speaking into it, but it does not seem to help with anything”..the reply was “using wrong”.

Then after a few minutes it hit me. I WAS using it ALL wrong.

I had the telephone microphone hooked into the MIC IN of the amp. This bypassed all reverb, noise reduction and reverse and just played my voice OVER the spirits.

What I needed to do was use the PHONE MIC as my AUDIO SOURCE! No app, no ghost box, no radio, no police scanner..just the phone as the input source. How would this work?

Basically, with the phone as the source, I would ask my question to the spirits. My question then goes into the box, through the reverb, through the reverse and 4-7 seconds later, an answer comes out of the box. This is without ANY APP, BOX or traditional source. Instead, the spirits are taking the audio from my voice and question, it is being reversed by the reverse pedal after a 4 second delay and what comes out SHOULD BE gibberish as it is my question, reversed.

What happened when I tried this though was INCREDIBLE. HALF of my questions were answered directly, with full clear phrases and none of what the sprits said are in my question, which is the audio they are using to manipulate and answer.


The Portal Wonder Box is allowing them to take the reversed audio, and change it to what they want to say in that 4 second delay before it comes out.

Bottom line, you ask a question – and seconds later that question is reversed and played back. If a spirit is present, they will and can change that gibberish to a clear answer. USING YOUR OWN VOICE AS THEIR VOICE!!!!

I can now take a wonder box to the cemetery or haunted location, not use or bring ANY app, any ghost box or any radio source. The source is me, my own voice.

NOW, no one can say “that is  radio bits” or “that word is in the app” or “blah blah blah”…truth and fact is, this method is UN DEBUNKABLE. By anyone, anywhere.

When a question asking who is here with me turns into “i like to wait and sit by you, huff is gonna love us” that is undeniable. Anyone who says it is explainable is in dream land.

To me, this is the most incredible breakthrough in ITC since Frank Sumption created the very 1st spirit box. Just look how far we have come in a few short years. The best part is my head is full of new ideas as everytime I create something it leads to something else.

The good news is that in the next few days I will be releasing a video showing how to make a wonder box, how to customize the pedals with my presets and how to get the best results with it. NOT EVERYONE can get results with spirit devices, but many do. When a connection is there, ANYTHING is possible.

Thank you all for your continued support, the best is yet to come.