The New Ghost Box Realm from


The Ghost Box Realm from My thoughts and Evidence.

(I have included videos here of me using the GB-REALM throughout the post so you can see it in action)

You can buy the GB-REALM here, instant download, at 

A month or two ago Mr. Anthony Sanchez of created a new app that I had no idea he was making. He kept it under wraps and launched it out of the blue. As soon as I saw the interface I said to myself “WOW, this looks serious”…

I downloaded the app and gave it a try. My 1st session was not very good as I had no idea how to use all of these new features (So it was never posted), and believe me, the REALM has loads of them. Over time I started to get results…

My latest test of the REALM gave me some amazing direct replies, take a look…

An earlier test from a few weeks ago…

The GB-REALM is a Ghost Box with six banks, and you can use one or use them all (TIP: I like to use 1-2 at a time for clearest results). It also  has an Ovilus like display where words will come in that may or may not be relevant, just like an Ovilus, lol.

The GB realm has a gorgeous display screen that is also active and it will pump out white noise that I have captured an ITC image in on two occasions (trying to find where I saved them, will post here when I find them). I confirmed with Anthony that there are NO faces or images that he put in the white noise, so I feel this could be used for dedicated ITC imagery to an extent. I will state that the realm may the most versatile app from GHA yet but it will take a few sessions to learn it and dig in..

Anthony is a genius IMO when it comes to making Para apps. He has a proven track record of creating some amazing apps that really work, and work well. You guys know I love GHA apps, and it is all I use when it comes to software solutions for my research and sessions. They are simple, they work and they get results that nothing else I have seen (in software) that does.

Now of course, GHA is not the only company making ITC apps and software, and there are many out there, but for me I stick with what works and the results I get from GHA apps is as good as it gets for me, so why go elsewhere? Ive tried many other apps but none work nearly as well, for me, than GHA apps.

With that out of the way, the latest app from GHA, this GB-REALM is an app you really have to use for a while and get into and learn before expecting impressive spirit communication results. But yes, this can deliver results…

The REALM also has a ghost radar style window but the meat of this app is the CONTROL it gives you for the ghost box, allowing you to experiment with all kinds of settings to find that “sweet spot”. It’s a beast of an app but very effective once dialed in.

Offering six banks, it is almost like having a mini GB-1, Vocibus and RIFT all in one. I mean, not really as this app works in a different way but either way it has crazy potential to offer stunning REAL communication with direct answers to questions and direct replies that may spook you, scare you or stun you.

If you are looking for a powerful piece of software, take a look at the GB-REALM or any of Anthonys apps at GHOSTHUNTERAPPS.COM

ALL are awesome, I own them all and could not imagine being without my GHA software. Thank you Anthony Sanchez for all of the effort, time and work you put into these apps. I know it takes endless hours of coding and work, so thank you!

If you want to check out this app, click HERE to see it at GHA.