Amazing ITC Evidence that will make you think. All 100% Real.


Amazing ITC Evidence that will make you think. All 100% Real. 

See my YouTube here with TONS of video.

For years now I have been sharing my evidence with the world, day by day, week by week, year by year. On Facebook HERE and YouTube. I have grown my YouTube from 1 subscriber to where it is now, almost to 100,000 subscribers. All organically, and not one of them were bought or paid for like some try to do (which is a VERY bad idea for so many reasons).

Nope, with my channel, almost 100,000 people pressed “Subscribe” after watching one of my videos, and that is flat-out AMAZING to me. It also tells me that FINALLY, some awareness is happening as more and more and more of us out there are seeing what is possible in this field, for real.

Me, I specifically deal with spirit communication and for the past 5 years I have been involved in it HEAVILY though it is strictly a hobby and something in life I am passionate about. Four years in to this work I designed, along with Anthony Sanchez from GHOSTHUNTERAPPS.COM, the SCD-1(Spirit Communication Device #1) and then the IB-1 (Impossible Box).

The response to these pieces of software has been amazing. Thousands, and yes I mean literally THOUSANDS around the world in nearly every country are using software that I had a hand in creating! So so cool and amazing. The best part is, those who use it correctly and follow my instructions for best results are getting results as good or better than I do.

Today in 2015, almost 2016 we have tools (and there are many more than my tools out there that work well) that can indeed reach the spirit world, and as hard to believe for some as that is, it is true. Many talented minds are out there designing or inventing the next tool to speak with the dead, more than ever before. When I started in this field there were maybe 3-4 on YouTube with a few videos. Today there are THOUSANDS on YouTube sharing their ITC evidence with the world. That right there tells me it is more accepted than ever, and it should be.

My SCD-1 and IB-1 have been torn apart by so-called scientists and one self-proclaimed engineer who thought they would find some secret tricks to what they do. I WELCOMED IT and waited for their response. They could not find a thing ‘fishy” with it and that is because there are no tricks, it’s pure “paranormal science” as I call it. Research has led to what tools I have today, and that is the best way to build an ITC tool. Letting the spirits help you along the way.

For example, when I created and designed “The Portal”, I took what I knew and has been proven over and over, and we modify and enhance those aspects (Reverb, Noise Reduction). We take what we NOW know does NOT work or help spirit to come through (White Noise) and we eliminate it 100%.

When we enhance the things they can use to speak and take away the things that hurt their ability to speak we are left with a device that can have near full on communication with the other side. Intelligent conversations. This is how my Portal was designed and built and now over 100 others in the field have made their own portal using my instructions and are sharing simply jaw dropping results.

So it’s not just me folks, thousands around the world do this and the more you do it, the more you get involved and the more serious you become with it, then the better your results will be. It can get to the point where spirits will hang by you 24/7 ready to speak. I have seen it with myself and MANY others who get into this work.

But hold on! NOT EVERYONE can do this and get results like I do or many others do. There are many things that come into play and if you are a negative person, hateful person or do this as a joke or for fun, you will NEVER EVER get results like me and many others do. I’ve written extensively on this at my Facebook page over the years and even made videos about it (on my YouTube).Some are just not meant for this work, so not all can do this and get amazing results. It’s not a toy or gimmick, and there are never ever guarantees.

In any case, here we are about to hit 2016 and things are progressing at a rapid rate. With people all over making new tools to experiment with this work it is a beautiful thing. I look forward to using some of these tools in the new year as I will be testing out all kinds of goodies. We have the new Ghost Ark that could be amazing or a flop. We have new tools and apps made what seems to be every couple of weeks. It’s just so exciting to see.

So enjoy some of my most recent videos below. There are new videos released every few days or week on my YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out HERE and subscribe. When it hits 100k subscribers (2k away) I will be giving away a $600 portal device. FREE. I do not sell them so this is the only way to get one made by me 🙂


TONS more at my YouTube channel HERE!