When Evil or Mean Spirits Come Through in a Session..SCD-1 Footage


When Evil or Mean Spirits Come Through in a Session..SCD-1 Footage

So last night, April 14th 2015 at around 8PM I decided to test out a new “amp” I purchased for $89 to use with my SCD-1 app at home. The amp has its own Reverb which is much better than the built in reverb on the SCD-1 so when the spirits keep telling me that REVERB helps them reply, I figured…”why not make it better”..

So I hooked my Tablets audio out to the Guitar Amp, which is a Fender Champion 20 and sells for $89-$99. The results are astonishing. Running the SCD-1 on CLEAR and using the Amp’s reverb works wonders for the clarity, fullness and it seems…the replies.

So for me, this will be the speaker I use at home 100% for my sessions when I use the SCD-1.

You can see the exact Fender amp I use in this video HERE at Amazon. 

So away I went simply trying to do a small test session..and then I was wowed by the clarity so I recorded for 15 minutes or so. What I heard was constant spirit chatter, and even a spirit validating that (you will see what I mean in the video below). Then some not so nice messages started coming in..many would say EVIL or DEMONIC.

They were eerie, creepy and not so nice but they never ever scare me one bit. I let them know they were not welcome. I let them know they do not scare me and I let them know they had to leave.

After the session I went to bed, watched some TV with Debby, laughed and slept like a baby. There is a very important reason that I never ever let any of this get to me and it is a big one. If you fear spirit communication in ANY way, you should NOT do it. If you would not be able to sleep after getting a message like you see in the video below, DO NOT use any spirit device. NO spirit box, NO app, NO board, etc. It is the FEAR you create that does mental damage to yourself, NOT spirits or demons.

In any case, if you fear it, never do this work. Period. It is not worth being scared. If you do NOT fear it, nothing can harm you, at all. I am living proof of this. I have been dabbling in the Paranormal for 35+ years and for the last 4-5 HEAVILY. Never a problem.

So with that said, take a look at the latest SCD-1 session below, there may be a few messages for viewers there as well as it is not ALL evil. It started out normal.

Enjoy 😉 To those who always ask me, the SCD-1 can be purchased for instant download at http://www.ghosthunterapps.com  or Amazon for the physical CD HERE. 95% of my sessions with ANY device are positive and loving but there is always a chance some nasty spirits will come through. The spirits in this video could have just been cranky spirits, mean evil spirits, or even a Demon. But no matter what it was or is, they are nothing like they are portrayed on TV or in Movies. THIS I KNOW from 1st hand experience.