The Power of the Huff Paranormal SCD-1 (Spirit Communication Device #1)


The Power of the Huff Paranormal SCD-1 (Spirit Communication Device #1)

To see a full detailed Q&A on the SCD-1, click HERE — To read real customer reviews, CLICK HERE — To buy the SCD-1, CLICK HERE for instant download — To buy the Software CD disc, buy the SCD-1 disc on Amazon (Prime Eligible) 

I have to be honest. I feel extremely blessed with my life. For the past five years I have been blessed over and over and over again and I always knew deep down that this “Paranormal Journey” of mine would take me someplace…I just was not sure where.

Today I know where it has taken me and where it will be taking me in the future. Just to be involved in creating the new SCD-1 app, I feel overwhelmed with joy, excitement and peace. It is an amazing feeling that I had a hand in creating such an incredible and powerful tool that really does what it says it does. This is no joke, bt 100% reality.

To see the power of the SCD-1 Spirit Communication Device, watch the video below and be prepared to be amazed.


The SCD-1 stands for “Spirit Communication Device” and for years I have been using devices to try to contact the dead…spirits…loved ones..lost souls, etc. There are many great devices out there like my White Box, Old Joe’s Box and my Andre’s Box. They have been and are fantastic but I always knew communication could be more clear, more direct, more flowing and easy for the spirit world to come through. (It also appears some of the box makers are taking note of this as well as the new White Box and new upcoming Andre’s box are smooth with much less noise than old boxes. THIS is a GOOD thing.

I knew this could exist as “they” have told me for years what to do..and it has all led to the SCD-1. The SCD-1 gives you the opportunity and the ability to try Spirit Communication for yourself. ANYONE can do this, and NO it is not dangerous UNLESS you fear it, fear ghosts or think a Demon will get you. If you do, avoid ANY app or ghost box. If you are serious about ITC, Spirit Work and validation and you are passionate about it, then the SCD-1 may be what you have been waiting for.

No static, no scrambled gibberish to listen to at evidence review…just loud and clear REAL voice replies and no, the live side that I use 99% of the time has NO pre recorded sounds, banks or replies. It is all scanning INTERNET RADIO shows in real-time using the same concept as a spirit box that scans FM or AM radio. Only with the SCD-1 there is no noise or clicks or pops and NO they are in NO WAY needed for ITC, this has been proven over and over again. NOISE hinders replies.

If you want to see an INCREDIBLE collection of SCD-1 evidence i captured within the 1st six weeks of its release YOU MUST see the video below. It may change your life and make you rethink what is indeed possible…

So here we are today in 2015 with a device under $50 that will allow you to experiment with all kinds of things. Many use the SCD-1 and swear by it for connecting to loved ones. Many use it for questions on mysteries of the universe. Mediums use it for validation (and they are getting them every day). We have thousands of worldwide users, and ANYONE in the world can use the SCD-1.

Missing persons cases, cold case files, so much is being done with the SCD-1 and ITC devices in general that this is something that NEEDS major show the people of the world what is possible.

What is amazing is that even if you speak German, it is possible to get German replies, we have MANY getting  them even though there are NO German radio stations scanned. We have people in France getting FRENCH replies..users getting replies in Spanish, name it.


Spirits do not use the broadcasts themselves for replies, they are MANIPULATING the raw audio, and the SCD-1 is creating a perfect storm for them so they can easily come through. It is not uncommon to turn it on, ask who is there and to be greeted by your full name. This has happened to so many on their first attempt. Others have taken 1-2 weeks to get the hang of it but then start to get the replies they seek.

There is no gimmick, no magic, no tricks. This is 100% real, authentic spirit communication in 2015.

The SCD-1 is changing the lives of many who use it, it is already regarded as the most respected tool for ITC work among MANY professionals and teams. There is a documentary in the works, media mentions, TV mentions and so much more that I can not disclose. All because it is an amazing and beautiful thing.

The SCD1 is software for Windows devices. Tablets, PC’s, Desktops that run full Windows Vista, 7 or 8 will run the SCD-1. $49.95


To see a full detailed Q&A on the SCD-1, click HERE – this is a must read to learn the best way to use the SCD-1.

To read real customer reviews, CLICK HERE

To buy the SCD-1, CLICK HERE for instant download, start using it within minutes.

To buy the Software CD disc, buy the SCD-1 disc on Amazon (Prime Eligible) 


Many of you have been waiting for it and it is NOW available by going right HERE to purchase