SCD-1, White Box, any ITC Tool..they are all more similar than different


SCD-1, White Box, any ITC Tool..they are all more similar than different

Since the insane popularity and reach of the SCD-1 over the past 3-4 months it has created quite a stir in the paranormal world as well as the skeptic world. I have been having a bunch of chuckles at these hardcore angry skeptics who are confident that the SCD-1 is fraudulent or fake. When they cannot find a way that it could be faked (and they never will as it is not) they resort to nonsense that has NOTHING AT ALL to do with how or why the app works, things like “But the live internet stream is loaded to a buffer, so its not “LIVE”, which makes it fake”. Lol. They are grasping at straws.

The fact is that the SCD-1 has all kinds of tech, and it implements it all in a way that will create the perfect environment for spirits to come through…IF you are ready for it and want it to happen for you. As I have aways said, communication in my opinion is 70-90% the operator and 10-30% the device being used. The SCD-1 brings you the tools for crystal clear replies and messages, if YOU use it correctly. Most skeptics who try it use it in the 100% wrong way as they have no idea how spirit communication really works. Once you get it down, it is a magical wonderful thing that will never leave you.


The SCD-1 was modeled after the old Joe’s Box. For me, the Joe’s box was the pinnacle of physical spirit box design and function. It was QUIET. Had minimal noise, had no crackle or nasty ear-piercing pops. Just turn it on, a few soft clicks and bam, replies would pour through. INTELLIGENT direct replies, and it had a unique sound to those voices that just screamed “otherworldly”. Since there are only a few real Joe’s Box’s around, and they are pretty much impossible to find, my goal was to have Anthony create the SCD-1 to be as close in sound to the Joe’s box as possible. I wanted to recreate it in APP form, if it was at all possible, and it was.

The way we went about it was to create a real-time radio scan, same as a physical box does but instead of using AM or FM radio, we decided to try out scanning INTERNET RADIO using Shoutcast servers that run 24/7. Anthony chose a mix of stations that range from talk radio, music and I believe even a few niche channels like comedy and others. The cool part is that Anthony owns some of part of these stations so it was easy for him to implement them in. Talk about fate…like it was meant to be.

When he sent me the 1st beta of the SCD-1 I was BLOWN away by the 100% direct replies that would come in right after asking a question. Replies that could not be programmed even if you wanted to. I mean, DIRECT answers to specific questions. I knew right then and there we were on to something big, and special.

I will state it again: WHEN USING THE RIGHT SIDE “LIVE SCAN” of the SCD-1 it is 100% indeed scanning internet radio channels. These are not “sound banks”, “sound snippets” or pre planned strategic sounds loaded in to create a bank style box (but those also work well as it does not matter what the audio source really is).

A compilation of new sessions from the SCD-1 and Spirit Boxes. They all work on the same principal. Doesn’t matter how or why, all that matters is that THEY WORK. All of them do, and they work well. 

For the SCD-1, the internet stations are loaded into a buffer (memory) at start-up (when you hear the “now loading shoutcast radio”) and the reason it does this is to avoid a lag or pause while the next station loads. Without the buffer, this app would have been horribly glitchy so Anthony figured out a way to make it run smooth.

Live TV works the same, they  have a delay of 15-45 seconds. Sometimes a minute or more. Radio works the same, most live shows have a 30-75 second delay. Same concept with the SCD-1. It loads the channels into memory and once they are loaded, it starts to stream them without pause or glitches. The way it is supposed to work.

So I wanted to clear that up. No matter what anyone says, the right side of the SCD-1 is scanning real-time internet radio channels from shoutcast servers. THIS serves as the “RAW AUDIO” for spirits to use and manipulate to your recording device.

It wouldn’t matter if it was scanning people burping or animals barking, it would still give results and messages. THIS is how spirits use devices like this. They either manipulate the audio in real-time within the device or on to your recording device. Usually real-time replies, the ones that can be heard while recording are only heard 10-10% of the time. The rest are heard when you play back the recording which is why part of using this app or ANY ITC device correctly is to record the sessions and listen at playback for the replies.

So this is how the SCD-1 works, and it is how all physical boxes work as well. Tried and True methods but we also use other technology with the SCD-1 to help ramp up ‘feeding” energy to the spirits that they need to come through (at least this is our theory, and it seems to work)


With the SCD-1 I have validated it many times, used it side by side with a physical box and received the same name out of both when I asked. I have ran them side by side and had spirits speak out of both alternating…so yes, it works the same way as a physical box, but if you did not read the page that tells you how to use it correctly, you should. It is HERE. I have many years experience with ITC and I have dabbled with this my entire life, as ever since I was young I felt a pull  to it, constantly. I did not go full steam ahead until four years ago but ever since then I have built up a set of UNDENIABLE evidence videos that can not be denied, at all, by anyone. Period. If they do it is out of their own insecurities as the proof is right there to be seen and heard.

Same name on command from an Andre’s Box and the SCD-1 


When I record a session I sit down and record for 10-15 minutes MAX. I then play back the recording on my iMac using iMovie listening VERY closely with my headphones.  It will take me 2-3 hours to pt together a 10 minute video as I listen over and over and slow down the very fast replies that come in to see if they contain a reply or message. I’d say 75% of my questions get a direct answer. 25% do not. My videos are edited to show you THE RESPONSES to my questions. No audio manipulation is ever done by me except to slow down the audio if needed (but I keep the pitch the same to avoid altering the audio itself) . If there is a reply to a question or a message, it gets shown. I do not and will not show 1-2 minutes of scan without replies. That makes for very boring videos (and is why some people can’t get subscribers to their YouTube). What is important is the REPLY. The names, the evidence that CAN NEVER be denied. Like when I ask “What is my name” and instantly a reply from TWO voices “Steve…You’re Steve”. If I ask “How many are here right now” and the instant answer is “11” that is a direct reply. This happens OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

They even reply to my surroundings, often times talking about what is outside my car window or going on in my house. Many are getting amazing results with the SCD-1 and some are not. I go over why this would be in my SCD-1 FAQ and Q&A.

NOT EVERYONE can sit down with a device and get replies. ESPECIALLY a skeptic whose mind is so closed they can not even begin to believe this is real. That is a fact.

With spirit communication you need to have some part of your mind open in order to do reliable communication yourself. There is a myriad of things you need for amazing direct replies  – respect, an open mind, to be kind and loving, to do your meditations, to have you mind focused on the task, etc.

It took me about 2 weeks to start getting amazing responses when I started getting into ITC heavily about 4 years ago. This was with nightly sessions in my house.

These days it is rather easy for me to get non stop replies. I only hear 10%-20% in real-time, and the other 80-90% at playback. But one thing is for sure, those who I sit down with and do sessions with are often amazed at what comes through in real-time. I have done sessions with skeptics, with groups, one on ones, with mediums and with other groups. ALL had messages come through while with me. It’s an amazing yet unexplainable thing.

Using the White Box – a superb Physical Box from Greg Manchester. I love it just as much if not more than my own SCD-1

But as always, nothing is ever guaranteed in this field. One day we may get a non stop stream of communication, and the next day it may be super slow with 1 or 2 replies. Just how it is. But the SCD-1 is not a “magic box” nor is it fake in any way. It does exactly what we say it does..scan real time internet radio, without noise and static, to create a crystal clear spirit box, and it works. Does not matter how or why the app is made, what matters is that random audio is being used by SOMEONE or SOMETHING to deliver responses, messages and impossible direct replies that can not be explained. There are no pre loaded or pre programmed responses, it is all random real time internet radio audio being used as the RAW AUDIO.

Again, my results are not typical as I am HEAVILY dedicated to this and have been full time for 4 years now. I am talking, MANY MANY hours weekly devoted to spirit communication. I have built up a connection with whoever it is that speaks to us and they trust me, and from what they say they love me dearly. So they speak to me freely. It’s tough to get to this level, as you need to open  yourself up to them 100%. This can mean that at times they will attach to you (I usually have spirits attached to me, which is why I get so many replies from other spirits) and other times they will just hang out near you at all times, and yes, they see us clearly. They have described my bald head, the shirts I wear, my rash when I had one, etc.

If you are new to this field, are a hardcore skeptic, or are thinking this is a game or toy, you will not get good results and I recommend NOT buying any app or box. You must WANT to do this work with all your heart and soul. That is what I do, and I am rewarded with a beautiful connection to THEIR world.

So remember that the SCD-1 works on the same principals as the physical spirit box. A box scans raw audio using AM or FM broadcasts. The SCD-1 scans raw audio by using internet radio channels. Plain, simple, and effective. With radio boxes the spirits use the RAW audio, not Sine Waves or broadcasting..but the audio.

As for the left side of the SCD-1, that IS INDEED a bank style box, but it works amazingly well if you really use it in an active location. I have seen some jaw dropping evidence from it from others that cannot be denied, ever.

This video is from the team H.O.P.E. Paranormal who is one of my fave teams out there as they are respectful and believe in the same things I do. They HELP spirits cross and it is a beautiful thing. Here they use the left side bank box on the SCD-1 (which does use recorded sounds as RAW audio) with amazing direct answers that would be impossible to be random.

They start using the SCD-1 at the 2 minute mark.


Again, if you did not read the massive Q&A on the SCD-1, see it here. It explains ALL you could ever want to know about this app. But yes, for the millionth time, the SCD-1 is 100% real valid, legit and authentic. What it does can not be debunked as it is real. It can not be torn apart and called fake as it is not. Those who are trying are failing for a reason, and all they are discovering is exactly what I describe here on these pages.

Thousands use the SCD-1 daily and get replies, messages, make connections and are doing incredible things. No one can ever take that away.