Our paths..and how to take the right one

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Our life path..Choose Wisely

Hello to all and thank you for stopping by here today. It has been one hell of a day here for me with hundreds of emails on the new SCD-1 that is taking the Paranormal Community by storm, as well as the haters who have been attacking me for YEARS! Why attack me? Well, for taking attention away from their hateful and bully like tactics against others who are actually doing something in this field. I also had someone I considered a friend in this field start acting weird lately and it boggles my mind that so many just do not “get it”..as in life on this earth and what we should be doing with it for the short time we have here.

It made me think long and hard about life, spirit guides, paths to take, etc.

I have been keeping an eye on many people over the years in the Paranormal field and I have discovered there are really two types. 

Type A: The Ego filled person who feels they are owed something.

This person always wants credit for almost anything and act as if they are God’s gift to the field. They belittle anyone and everyone else who does better than they do. Some are more extreme than others. Some will just attack daily to their small following and THINK they are harming the person they are slamming, but they are doing nothing of the sort as the majority of people are intelligent and know the facts. Other levels of the EGO FILLED person may act like they are your friend but when push comes to shove, they shove you and try to undermine your success out of jealousy. Most of the guys in this EGO list are in it for money or fame, period. Yes, that silly EGO again. They rarely get good evidence as the spirit world knows their true intentions so they rely on others to try to do the work for them. Very odd indeed.

Type B: The “Good Guys” who work with others, are kind, positive and have a true passion for the field.

Some do research AND also help create devices to push the field forward. Some just love the field. Some just love making devices. Examples:  Bill Murphy, , Anthony Sanchez, Josh Louis, Keith Weldon & Carissa Simpson, George Brown (GeoBox) and SO many more. The “good guys” are the MAJORITY here, always remember that. Most of the good guys do this for the LOVE and PASSION they have for the field, and I support these guys 100%. Yes, Andy makes a $300 spirit box but his passion for this field go back YEARS AND YEARS and he is an investigator and researcher as well. His boxes are hand made and crafted by him, and he does a great job. Same goes for everyone else that is in the “Good Guy” camp.

I choose to work with Type B only. The “Good Guy” camp. Those who are passionate, positive and want to further this field no matter who it is creating a box or app or whatever. If it works and pushed this research to the limits, then that is a GOOD thing to the “good guys” no matter who or what it is, but the “Ego” guys can not stand it because they are not getting the attention from it. These are the people I am distancing myself from as it is unhealthy to stick with them. If something works, I WILL USE IT no matter who makes it. If it is awful, I will say so to avoid YOU from buying it. See, I am one of the “good guys” and do not have a jealous bone in my body. I ENCOURAGE others push forward and do whatever it takes to further the field. I welcome it. I am excited to test new boxes from Andrew and Andre this year as well. Some new things coming down the pipe and the amazing tools we already have are fantastic.

Back to the paths we take..and how to take the right one for YOU


I will work with ANYONE in this field if they are not one of the EGO guys. I will use other products for ITC besides my own and will promote others that work even if it takes attention away form my own SCD-1. Just how I am. I will do this as long as I get respect back from the individual whose device I use (and not attacked or undermined).

Years ago, around six years now I had a divorce from a woman who was a very negative and mean person. My life was full of anger, negativity, and tension. It was awful. When that ended it was a shock at 1st then a relief. After I realized how wonderful life CAN be I made a promise to myself to NEVER let negativity creep into my life and NEVER allow anyone to do that to me. I had a WOW moment one day while sitting alone crying in my house in the dark. I was alone, penniless, had a new house and car payment (thanks to the ex) and no way to pay bills. It was me and my faithful companion Scrubby. I sat there and said “I can sit here and be pathetic, or I can do something about it” so I did and within ONE WEEK I had cash come in and immediately paid my bills, house and car for 3-4 months. I then worked my ass off on my business at the time and made it a success. All from getting up, and doing what I had to do while avoiding the “woe is me” thing.

Ever since that WOW moment my life has been amazing. Luck, love, happiness, minimal stress, amazing coincidences and very odd thing happening  – as in, things are happening like it was a plan. Things falling into place so easily. IN ALL aspects of life. It is like I project what I want to happen and it somehow eventually does. It is crazy. But I think I might know the reason why.

I feel much of this has to do with spirit guides. I connected with mine long ago now and ever since I have been following my “gut instinct” with EVERYTHING and when I do this, it is ALWAYS the right choice. For example, I feel like working with Anthony Sanchez was meant to be, the SCD-1 was meant to be and there is more to come that is meant to be. I feel letting go of anyone filled with hate, drama and BS is the right choice as these things are NEVER good and NEVER do ANY GOOD for anyone.

We all have those instincts within us..we all have that inner voice that tells us things like “DO NOT DO THIS, IT IS A BAD CHOICE” – If you hear this and do it anyway, you will regret it almost every time. So I listen to my instinct which many believe is actually our guides “guiding us” to the right life path.

For example..I went to buy a new Jeep Wrangler last week. I wanted the big tricked out one but it was $7000 more than the stock one I wanted. I WANTED that tricked out Jeep but my inner voice was saying “DONT DO IT YOU WILL REGRET THE PAYMENT”! So I searched for the exact one I wanted and found it the next day, perfect and $8k less than the other. The cool thing? I love it and prefer it to the other in color, looks and the way it drives. I listened to my instinct, saved cash and am happier.

I have been doing this “listening” for 3 years now and it has never led me astray. I have had NO REGRETS in 3 years and barely any stress or issues. I strongly feel if we follow our instincts everything works out for the best.

So remember..we all have bad days. We all have stress days. We all have problems that creep in from health to financial to love but we CAN get out of the funk and get back on track. If you stay positive even in the worst of times I feel this helps pull us out as well as keeps us healthier longer. Studies show that stress will age you and kill you and can even cause certain cancers.

There is nothing we can do about bad situations but the way we deal with them can make all the difference in the world.

For me, I will ignore the haters, ignore the drama and only surround myself with those who are positive and passionate about life and the paranormal field in general. Those who choose the hating negative path and attack me..I predict..will just eventually fade away. Time will tell but that is my prediction 🙂 I will remain how I am and do what I do for the love of what I do. When you do what you love and never let anyone stop you then you know you are on the right path.