Huff Paranormal Group Session #10 (With #9 added as a bonus)


Huff Paranormal Group Session #10

Hello to all! It has been a while since I sat down and worked on this website, mainly due to an injured knee, home remodeling (that I had to supervise) and my main work/career that takes up 60-80 hours per week right now, so I have been uber busy over the past couple of months but am now starting to wind it all down to where I can devote more time to the Paranormal again. Spirit Communication is a huge passion of mine. Many call it I.T.C…many call it EVP and some just call it ‘talking to the dead”. No matter what you call it or how you look at it, speaking to spirits via various devices and experimental testing is always fascinating.

The fact is, and I have said this before, that we have no way of proving who or what we talk to, but we do know that whoever it is, they are somewhat intelligent, they can speak, and we hear voices saying their words. Often times their words make no sense and I have come to the conclusion that most spirits that speak have no real memory of who they were, some have ZERO memory and others have a slight bit of memory and can recall names, moments or give a few words that will resonate with the one they are trying  to reach out to. This is why I do these group sessions.

What you will see here is a group session where around 300 participated. I wanted to keep this one smaller so I announced it a couple of days before I did it. I was also experimenting with something new..testing it..and seeing just how clear the communication can be in real-time. Forget what you know about boys and staticky boxes, as it is my goal to bring clear real-time communication to the masses..also, to show the naysayers that YES, real-time communication is possible, is real and is fascinating without any doubts when it comes in so clearly.

Most of the session #10 to me sounds like normal spirit communication with a few messages for the group. It may be my last group session for 2 months, or until I get my new communication system perfected. I am working with someone who knows their stuff and plan to launch something exciting in the new year. The clarity you hear in this 1st part of the video below? Yep, this is what it will sound like. While it is not 100% confirmed, it is being worked on behind the scenes and when it happens, I will make the full announcement. It will seem simple, but trust me, I would only put my name on something that worked better than anything out there. If it doesn’t work better than everything else (for clarity), it will not be released. So there is a ton of testing to do..

For now, enjoy the group session below, and  thanks to everyone who participated!