Spirit Box Session – 9/4/2014. Joan Rivers? Sounds like it to me.


Spirit Box Session – 9/4/2014. Joan Rivers? Sounds like it to me.

Wow. Just when I was getting over my intense feelings from the Robin Williams sessions I sit down to do a quick session with a cheap $40 ghost box on the day that Joan Rivers passed away. Within seconds I had a response that came through, and it was Joan’s voice. Then again when I asked if she had a message, a crystal clear “Thank You” in her exact voice. I am speechless with my latest sessions, I really do not know why the messages just keep getting clearer and clearer no matter what box I use.

Take a look at the video below which was shot before Joan was going into a surgery (not the one where she had complications) – and listen to her voice. Then listen to the “Thank You” in my video. The video below it is a touching video indeed, especially considering that Joan passed away from surgery complications.

I have said it before and I will say it again, it is a SPECIAL thing for sure and I feel blessed to be able to do this. The video below will show the short session with the two replies that I feel are indeed Joan River’s voice. It is unmistakable. Period.

Can I explain this phenomenon? No, I can only give my theories from what I record, feel, see and hear. My professional opinion from my experience over the last 4 years? That this indeed is Joan Rivers right after she passed. I am starting to believe the best time for spirit box communication is right after a person passes away. The first few days. This is something I have never tried before but with these last two celebrity losses, it sure seems to be the case. Time will tell I guess.

To those who scream “It’s a Demon tricking you” I suggest you read THIS post with my thoughts on that subject 🙂 If these are “Demons” then they are doing a pretty sucky job at being a Demon as they are causing me zero harm, zero issues and only bringing me love, luck, respect, warmth and happiness. A Demon would have no reason to mimic as it would do nothing for the Demon. What would a Demon get out of it? Nothing at all. A Demon should be so powerful that he could just show up and possess me, hurt me, cause my mental damage or harm. If alls Demon can do is mimic then I feel sorry for those powerless Demons! Makes no sense at all.

To those who cry “You are a faker” all I can say to you is move on and try to live your life in a more positive loving way. If you continue on with negativity, hate and attacks you will just decline and be a miserable person and a miserable soul once you yourself pass on. Nothing I do has ever been faked, period. Open your mind to the incredible possibilities in spirit communication. Your life will be better for it.

To those who cry “This is in bad taste”, see my Robin Williams video for what I think about that. Nonsense. We all die, all of us. One day my time will come and your time will come. It is not the end, not even close. There is no end to our life.

To those who cry “you are exploiting these celebrities for hits and traffic”. Again, nonsense. I am posting my evidence just as I have for many years now. If a celebrity comes through I will not hide it, quiet it, ignore it or deem it to be “bad taste”. It is what it is, and usually those who attack like this are jealous that they did not get this evidence. Usually from other paranormal “experts”. Nothing exploited, just reality. Just posting my evidence as always. Period. No matter WHO or WHAT comes through or who they sound like, I will always post it. There are MANY more that like it than dislike it. Usually a 90% to 10% ratio. Pretty good IMO, so haters… you are losing 🙂

Take a listen below and hear it for yourself. As always, all of my sessions are presented to you as they were recorded. Everything I have ever done, do or will ever do is 100% real. Take it for what it is, a spirit box session with very clear responses that are pretty undeniable.  After the short Joan session there is a new session from yesterday with even more amazing responses.

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