More info on the new GB-1 Ghost Box App from the creator

More info on the new GB-1 Ghost Box App from the creator


I posted my video yesterday from the GB-1 Ghost Box app yesterday. You can see it HERE. Since posting it I have had a ton of positive responses and many e-mails asking me how it works, if these words and phrases are “pre-programmed” in. The quick answer is NO, phrases like “Billy is Thankful” are not programmed in and according to the creator, how it works is part tech, part science and part math. In my opinion, what Anthony Sanchez (creator) did was create a “perfect storm” environment to where the spirits can easily communicate in real time. I am still having a hard time believing in what this thing can do, and still am in awe of how it works, and why it works and how clear and direct the replies are. But it does work, at least for me and a few others I have been speaking with who are using it.

So with so many asking me how it works, I asked Anthony for details. Here is what he had to say:

“I use Bluetooth to scan radio so that I can detect frequency disruption. When Bluetooth is not available, or turned off I use real-time hardware analysis to detect anomalous circuitry behavior. These two methods allow me to establish two trigger mechanisms that I use to pull from master arrays of micro audio files.

These are conditioned audio files created using my own EVP Maker software. The audio files produced are at 432Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’, an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Some ITC researchers believe that this facilitates a better environment for spirits to speak.

I also use C# algorithms that generate white-noise. (In signal processing, white noise is a random signal with a constant power spectral density). If in the event the C# algorithms unexpectedly fail to run (pretty much will never happen), there are then .MP3 white-noise files recorded at 432 Hz. And also Pink noise .MP3 files (white noise put through a -6dB/octave LPF). Those are backups, and in fact… made from the C# algorithms themselves. LPF is a low pass filter. Most people do not know this, but I wrote software for Internet Radio (see my video @

I show you this, because that app has a LPF (aka Band Pass Filter) that I wrote. That app (in the video) is something I am pushing in 2015.

So the basic process is the GB-1 scans radio drawing a sine wave for each frequency every 500 milliseconds. When it sees an anomalous pattern, not the expected sine wave, then we know radio has been disrupted. The only thing that causes radio disruptions in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

When no Bluetooth is available the GB-1 cycles every 500 milliseconds reading from an array of circuitry on the device it is running. When it sees anomalous circuitry readings, then we know something is causing circuitry fluctuations (abnormal behavior). The number one thing that causes circuitry disruption in hardware… is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

So as you can see, this is not a Franks Box.

EARLIER, I wrote this to a person on Facebook, and then sent it to another on YouTube…

This is not a Franks Box. The technology is 100% new and has nothing to do with jumping from radio station to radio station.

The GB-1 uses micro phonetic and carrier audio files (thousands) of files created through an EVP maker software suite designed like the one Frank Sumption (creator of the franks box) was looking at from an ITC researcher in Germany. A German researcher who made… “EVP Maker” a windows software tool.

The radio that is being scanned by the GB-1 is looking at the ISM UHF band. There are no people talking on the UHF frequencies, there are however active ‘radio frequencies’.

The GB-1 and all GHA apps use Bluetooth technology to scan radio every 500 milliseconds (each half second). It programmatically draws a sine wave. When the sine wave is outside expected parameters for the particular frequency, then we know that something is disrupting the frequency.

What disrupts radio frequencies? Electromagnetic interference disrupts radio; EMI, same as RFI (radio frequency interference). They are one in the same.

The GB-1 plays a micro-phonetic or micro-carrier audio file that is queried from a large master array that has been designed to parallel audio frequency against the closest (if not exact) radio frequency. This is a new technological method that I created.
The SB-1 uses 4,200 files. That would be the Spirit Box (I do have another app. See: link).

The GB-1 however uses 11,031 files (for now).

I am working on doubling the capacity to about 25,000 carrier audio files. In fact, the update to the GB-1 should be available before Halloween.

Thanks Steve!


So there you go, an explanation of how the GB-1 works from the man himself. Again, if you want  to see more about it, download it or see the other apps Anthony has created for this field, click HERE to go to his website. Also, check out the “Friends” area and you will see someone whom I HIGHLY respect being part of these apps, Bill Murphy. These apps will change the way we think about spirit communication, mark my words.

One thing to keep in mind when using this app. NOT EVERYTHING that comes through is a spirit reply. The app is designed to have a continuous scan of frequencies and as a result you will hear voices and words that are not spirit related. But when you ask a question and get a direct reply to that question, then you have something. If you hear names, dates, or something that means something to you, then it is probably a spirit reply. They are easy to pick out for me and I had a slew of them in my video when using this app, especially the instant mention of EVA, my spirit guide who has been popping up in my videos for years. Then Billy, then Nancy, then Bert, and so on.

So keep an open mind, record all sessions, relax, be respectful, have love and offer love and peace and friendship and you will do just fine. Be patient as well, as if you are new to ITC it may take a while before you get solid replies. Some will get them instantly, others may take days or weeks.

Thanks to all for watching and reading what I do, I appreciate it!