Q&A Tuesday! Your questions answered


Q&A Tuesday! Your questions answered

Each and every day I receive hundreds of e-mails. Between my Photo blog and this blog the e-mails are at times, overwhelming. Imagine waking up, sitting at your computer and receiving 300-500 e-mails 1st thing in the morning, with a steady flow coming in throughout the day. Many of these e-mails have detailed questions, some are book length, some are short. If I sat and read and replied to all of them I would be at my desk for 12 hours a day JUST doing that. This would leave me no time to do actual work for my photo blog or this blog. So I have to balance it out. Questions that come in asking me to contact a loved one are usually not answered as the contact form here clearly states I cannot answer those e-mails because I do not do personal one on one sessions at this time.

But I do also get many other questions, some come in often so I decided..why not answer them here or maybe even make it a regular weekly article? If you have a question for me e-mail me here and ask me. Below are a few answers to some questions I get on a regular basis.

Q: Doesn’t this scare you?

A: No, not even 00000.1 %. If five figures manifested all around me and said “we are taking you” I would reach out my hand. I would not scream, yell or be scared. Now, this would never happen but what I am trying to say is NONE of this scares me at all. It was not always like this though. In the beginning I WAS scared of it. The reason I was scared initially, well, we can thank TV and Hollywood for that one. I soon realized that everything that TV and Movies try to push is simply NOT true. Demons are not out to get you when you do this type of work, Evil spirits do not lurk at every corner nor are you going to get possessed. I have used a Ouija board since age 9 and have had nothing but love, luck, peace, low stress and happiness in my life. Truth be told, ever since I have been doing spirit communication my life has improved greatly. I have never been at peace more so than I am now in life. I have never felt more love than this, ever. I have never been as lucky nor have I had such a consistent stream of kindness poured to me from almost anyone i meet. I have had strangers tell me they feel like they know me and that I have a warmth that comes from me. So for me, doing ITC work, spirit work and even using my Ouija has brought me nothing but a better life. In every way, shape and form. So no, it does not scare me. I embrace it. It is a passion and I have a true concern and feel for those on the other side who trust me. I also trust them because after seeing them, feeling them and hearing them  – and seeing how gentle and kind they really are (for the most part) I only feel blessed to have found out that I can do this so well.

Q: Do you make a ton of money doing this?

A: No. The facts: I lost $17k so far doing this. Yes, $17,000. I have spent about $18k doing this (equipment, traveling, hotels, give aways, donations, costs associated with it all) and earned about $1000. So a loss of $17,000. How did I earn the $1000? My YouTube videos are monetized which means when a video gets about 100k views I may make $75. Not an easy task. Many think that YouTube channels with 40-50k subscribers make massive amours of cash. Simply not true. You need at least a million subscribers to make decent money. I am at 40k, not even close to a million. If I did reach a million I would not complain of douse as I’d love to one day recoup my expenses. Even if I do not, that is OK as I do this for the love and passion I have for it. Because it is real. If it was not real I would not waste my precious hours doing it. I work 60 hours per week on my photo blog and have a family as well. Why would I spend 10-20 hours per week on this to spend tens of thousands of dollars on it if it was not real? Hmmmm. In any case, no, I make ZERO money from this and it has been this way for over four years now. I do not charge for anything and have given away over $2,000 worth of equipment that was bought with my own money. I make y money from my two businesses, not this.

Q: Do you believe in Demons?

A: Yes and No. DO I believe a Demon CAN exist? Sure, ANYTHING is possible. DO I think they exist as most make them out to be? NO, not at all. I believe this 100%. In the history of the world there has never been ONE documented and REAL case of any Demon attack or possession. The only 2-3 “cases” of demonic possession turned out to not be demon possession at all. Those who research will find this out for themselves. I have never seen one instance of a Demon or even an Evil spirit! I have had spirits threaten me and swear at me through EVP and Spirit Box, but never ever have they done any harm to me (that I can 100% say was attributed to  them). I find it odd that so many religious folks always scream “It’s a Demon” yet no harm has come, mental or physical. No damage has been done, in fact quite the opposite. All I feel is love, light, warmth and nothing negative or evil. I just have not seen it, and I have seen ALOT. I have felt ALOT. I have heard ALOT. It just doesn’t add up. Maybe they just stay away from me as they know I will not deal with them or allow them to stick around. They have ZERO power if they do exist. See this article for more.

Q: How old are you?

A: I will be 45 in November of 2014. Getting old but feel like I am 28.

Q: You should get your own TV show! Have you considered it?  

A: Well, yes I have. I have been approached by a few production companies over the past year and have talked with 3 of them, skyped with two of them and worked with one, for a while. What I did not like with most of these companies was the fact that they wanted me to “stage” things. “all shows do it” I was told..but me..I have ethics. I am not one who fakes anything, ever. Period. I would rather go out and get NOTHING in an 8 hour investigation that to fake an EVP, spirit box reply or an apparition. All could be done of course but why would I waste my time and money to do so? I am not 15 years old, I am 45. A grown middle-aged man. I am a very empathetic person and I also have beliefs and one of them is that I would not lie to the masses about this as it is one of my pet peeves. I hate  those shows that fake the evidence as it spreads fear and lies about this field.  I turned down any offer that was presented to me where it was required that I fake anything.  Many others presented with these offers jump at them and usually fail within a season or two anyway.

If I ever do a show it will be real, because it does not have to be faked. Ever. I want to be real, honest, and legitimate. If not, then how are we ever going to get anywhere with studying these phenomenon? We won’t as most will see it as a joke.

The good news is that I am in talks once again but this time with a big network and I have stressed that what I do is real, and nothing needs to be  faked. It can be done without the fear tactics, without the lies and without the nonsense and overacting. I have a reputation for being one of the few well-known paranormal guys that shows honesty and realness. This comes out because I DO NOT fake anything, ever. If this new thing I am in talks about works out you guys can expect something really special out of it. If not, I will pass yet again. One misconception though is that a TV show means you are instantly rich. That is so not true. If you do a TV show, the 1st couple of seasons pay VERY little yet the time involved is high. I enjoy doing what I am doing and if I can do it for more people and get exposure out there about the realities of all of this then I would be a very happy guy. Not for the payday but for the fact that people can finally see what is real, and what is not.

Stay tuned.

Q: What APP should I buy for talking to spirits?

A: ECHOVOX. period. See this link.

Q: What is your favorite spirit box?

A: The Joe’s Box. Period. Then Andy’s Box. Then MiniBox Plus. See more here.

Q: Is that picture of your dog for real? 

A: Yes, 100%. That picture is as real as you are sitting there. It made me cry when I saw it on my computer screen. It was a huge emotional experience. Of course there will always be the haters who say I faked it, but that is OK as I do not care who believes it or not, I KNOW, and that is ALL that matters, period. Being able to connect with spirit is quite a special thing and I have no idea why I can do it so easily but I embrace it and enjoy it and feel it is something that has come to me for a reason. Others can do what I do, I am not special, but I often ask “Why Me”? I will never know I guess but I never fear it or reject it.

You can see that photo with others HERE.

Q: What do you think about the skeptics who say you fake things?

A: I think they are all either very close minded, scared, jealous, or just negative types of people. Most are unhappy in life. Many fear the unknown and would never want to admit that any of this is real. Some feel like they know it all, when they in fact know NOTHING about the spirit world or what is or is not real. They go by what they have learned in life..that ghosts are not real. I was always told this as well, but for some reason always knew deep down that they did exist. When I look back to my young life as a child I can remember events that I could not explain, and now I can. Even when I was 7-8 I was feeling them, but then I had no idea what it was. Skeptics will usually never believe anything unless they experience it for themselves, which is understandable. I was the same way once in life.

But when a skeptic comes to my site or Facebook page and attacks me, that is when I have a problem with it. I do not go on “skeptic forums” and trash them or post my work or promote myself yet they come here, even if they do not believe, just to attack me because for some reason they feel I am faking or scamming or making tons of cash. None of it is true, sorry  to disappoint them.

The problem with skeptics who attack and are negative are within themselves, not me. They feel lacking in their own life, whether that is with love, money, success, or overall happiness. They attack others (like me) to make themselves feel better. They hide behind a computer screen as they feel safe. The “Hater Skeptic” are awful human beings.

The normal skeptics are fine as it is healthy to be skeptical. The ones who are respectful, I can be friends with. I have nothing against this type of skeptic. Come here and attack me though, or anyone here, and you will be banned from here, my Facebook and my YouTube channels. I just do not deal with them, period and they will never ever discourage me from doing this, as it is a lifelong thing for me from here on out. End of story. I will state again, I have never and will never fake anything. Believe it or not, whatever you like.