Bashing, trashing, hate, anger and lies. The worst of the worst!

Bashing, trashing, hate, anger and lies. The worst of the worst!

Whom I nominate for worst of the worst in the Paranormal Field!

Good afternoon to all and today is a beautiful Thursday here in sunny Phx, AZ. Well, not really. It is 105 degrees with blistering sun but as long as I stay inside I am ok 🙂

I will get right to the point today.

I have been getting messages now for 2+ years about a website that loves to promote me by bashing me. Early on I loved it as I thought that they were promoting me, making others more aware of me and helping me out. I always feel that ANY press is good press, even bad horrible lies. People are not dumb and 99% of the time they can decide for themselves on things, but the website at worst paranormal  does not seem to think that any of its readers have any smarts because they try to push their nonsense, lies and hate onto others in hopes it will stick. (kind of like the bullies used to do in grade school)

I always get a chuckle from those who are like that (attack me), as those who have followed me for any amount of time know that I am an easy going honest guy. This is because I believe in positivity, love, light and KARMA. I am kind to everyone I meet and I would give the shirt off of my back to help another. I have walked the streets of downtown Phoenix helping the homeless with money, food, water, blankets, clothes and conversation in hopes to raise awareness of the continuing and growing homeless population here. I am generous to all when I can be and believe that being kind always trumps being negative and hateful.

I found 5 years ago that letting go of all anger, stress, and negativity has transformed my life 1000% for the better, so that is how I live these days. My voice has not been raised in 5 years. My stress level has stayed as low as it possibly could and I have zero drama in my life. I wake up happy, I go to bed happy. Of course there are those times in life when things come at you full force and things just seem hopeless but things always have a way of working out. We can not control our lives but we can help it out a bit. Things like connecting with spirit guides, following your instincts and having an understanding for those who may need your help all go a long way in making things go smoothly in life.

So that is how I live my life and one reason that I think I can connect so well with the other side. They feel this overwhelming positivity (which may be the light they see) and they want some of it.

But…in this Paranormal field we always have those who are jealous, full of anger and hate and just try to start trouble for one reason or another (and there are a few out there). For me, there are a few of these people who love to attack me and cry “FAKE”, only because they either do not understand any of this, or they are scared of it, or they are jealous of my results when they do not get any evidence or they are just miserable human beings who are not happy in their life. Maybe they lost a failed TV show and now are struggling to get attention, yet are not getting any. Hmmmm.

That leads me to who I feel is the worst of the worst in this field..WORST PARANORMAL!

Yep, the website that was created years ago to help spotlight the worst in the ghostly field! Those who they deem to be scammers and They always target me even though I have never ever faked on shred of evidence, and this included my audio and sessions and my video and my photos. All 100% legit, period (this shows how much they really know). I even welcomed them to investigate with me from start to finish, even loading my footage to my iMac and listening back together about 2 years ago. Their reply? “Pay for my flight and hotel and costs and I will”. So they come and attack ME, start trouble constantly (while I forget that they even exist) yet they want me to pay for their flights and hotels and food just so they can see I am not a fraud. Lol, too funny. I have nothing to prove to anyone but if THEY want proof then they can fly out to me anytime, on their dime of course.

People like that love to hide behind a computer as they feel safe, and they are. No one really knows them and no one really cares. They are drama queens and are seeking attention, which is why I never even mention them. Why would I give attention to them? (remember, even bad press is good press). In any case, they just keep on spreading lies about me yet they have nothing to back it up with because it is not possible as I do not fake 🙂

The worst really is the worst…

I decided to check up on something, just to see how popular they are. I looked at their web stats and popularity around the word in

Alexa ranks websites with a number and the lower the number, the more visitors you have to your site on a daily basis. For example, Google is usually #1. My photo website hovers from 40,000 to 30,000. Seeing that this site is only 3  months old I assumed it would be around the 6 million mark in rank. I assumed that “the worst” would be around 100,000 as they have been around a while and sure act like they are popular. Lol, not even close. After checking it appears that they get 10-20 hits a day. Ranked as almost the 12 millionth most popular website in the world, that is one of the lowest Alexa scores I have ever seen. So in reality, no one even bothers with them and I was correct, people can think for themselves and know BS when they see it. Negativity does not bring visitors to your website!

This site at three months old has already hit under 1 million at 944,728 which surprised me. My goal is to get it to 100,000 within a year 😉

So my message to the guys over at the worst paranormal site?

“Dear Worst of the Worst,

You sure did name your site correctly as it is indeed the worst paranormal website in existence. I challenge you guys to live your life for ONE week with love, respect, kindness and light. Do away with the anger, hatred, lies and attacks that are just plummeting your site into non-existence. No one wants or needs that these days. People need POSITIVITY, not hate speech. Why not go out and be productive and do your own research instead of trying to attack others only to try to build yourself up. You are not an expert, you are not enjoyable. The data speaks for are not well liked by most but you only cater to the angry and bitter, which I am glad to see is a very low number.

You attack me as you feel it will get you hits and traffic By using my name you feel people will want to read or that you may get in the search engines. That technique of web site building does not work, sorry to tell you. I will state it again plain and clear – I FAKE NOTHING. Period. I do this in my spare time (and make not even a penny) only because it is real, fascinating and special. I do this because others need to see what is real and what is possible without all of the nonsense and trickery of the TV shows (which you are well aware of). REAL research needs to be done in this field without the jealousy, hate and attacks. It accomplishes NOTHING.

But of course you will probably post about this page and attack yet again because you have no other way out of your hole it seems. If only you knew that what you do is digging your hole deeper. My website here surpassed your traffic by 10 million points and I have been here for three months. You have been around for at least a couple of years.

See the charts below direct from Alexa:


I feel bad for you guys as you have resorted to negativity, hate and anger and apparently have given up on doing any kind of real research. Maybe it was because you were not good at it, maybe it was because you yourself faked things in the past. I have no idea but whatever it was or is you should get over it and get back to the work that is important. My guess is that you are also not very well liked on the other side as I have found that spirits like the opposite of what you stand for.

Best of luck to you and your site. If you keep attacking me it will do no harm to me whatsoever as that is not how life works. I would have thought you would have known this by now.