Group Session #6 video now up! See it here!


Group Session #6 video now up! See it here!

Here you go! To all who were waiting for the next group session video, here it is below. Group Session #6 took place on July 5th 2014 and there were over 800 of you participating from all over the world. If you are not familiar with them, you can read more about the group sessions HERE.

During the night’s session I used 5 different devices for communication. The Andy’s Box Echo Version, the P-SB11 Spirit Box, the Andy’s Box standard, A Radio Shack Hack and more. I also experimented with Dowsing Rods, which was pretty amazing.

The most responses came from the Andy’s Echo Version and as always, many of the replies make no sense TO ME, but may make sense to some of you who took part in the session. In the past five group sessions I have had odd things come in that ended up making total sense to someone out there who participated, so if you hear something that you feel is for you, feel free to comment and let me know.

This is pretty amazing stuff, and for me it is emotional, draining and at the same time very exciting. We are pushing the boundaries here, doing what is seemingly impossible but with often times quite amazing results. Thanks to those out there who are pushing the limits with these spirit box devices and apps, it is indeed possible to reach and converse with spirits on the otter side. While not always 100% reliable or predictable, I believe one day it will be.

So enjoy the video from group session #6 below and leave a comment here, on YouTube or on Facebook if you feel anything came in for you.