Group Session night is TONIGHT! July 5th, get prepared to join in!

Group Session night is TONIGHT! July 5th, get prepared to join in!

DATE: July 5th 2014

TIME: 10 PM Phoenix, AZ time


PREP: You must meditate using the instructions below at least 1-2 hours before I start. 

WHERE TO CONFIRM YOU ARE JOINING: Here on my Facebook Event Page


Hello to all! TONIGHT is GROUP SESSION night! We have over 700 joining in for this one from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! How exciting is that?!? For me, VERY. I am looking forward to the session tonight and I have already begun preparing for it. If you have never joined in on one of my group sessions it is basically something I do once per month in attempts to receive a message from one of your loved ones who has passed, in real-time, while recording the messages and voices that come through. We are on session #6 and in each and every session I have had messages come through for some of those who participated. It is an emotional and incredible thing, and yes, very very real and very serious. I do not take this lightly and am amazed at what comes through during some of these sessions. No, I am not a medium and no I will not tell you what your loved one is telling ME, but I will record your loved one (if they come through) so you can hear them leave you the message for yourself. This way, there is no doubting what I do.

Basically, here is how it works if you want to join in:

1st of all, this is always 100% FREE to join in. 

Anyone, from anywhere in the world can participate. You do not need a spirit box or any device whatsoever. I will do all of the work.

All you have to do is find out the time that I will be doing this, which is 10Pm Local Phoenix AZ time in the USA. To find out what time that will be in your area or country, just google ‘Local Phoenix AZ time” and you will find out the exact time it is in AZ at the moment of your search. You can then figure out how many hours difference I am from you. Again, I will be starting at 10PM sharp in my home.

What do you need to do to join in and maybe receive a message? Meditate an hour or two before I do my session at 10Pm Phoenix AZ time.

This part is a 100% MUST. You can not miss it, skip it or neglect it. This is very important. You must spend at least 15 minutes an hour or two before I start meditating. I will tell you what to do so you can get an idea of how to meditate for this event.


1. Go to a quiet location in your home. The quieter the better. I also like to do my meditation in the dark, as it helps me to concentrate and removes distractions. If you can find a dark room, all the better. Your mind needs to be clear and without any distractions.

2. Lay down or sit down, but get comfortable. You will need to be comfortable and relaxed 100% for this.

3. As you lay or sit, close your eyes and concentrate on the loved on you are hoping to receive a message from. Picture their face, their smile, memories you shared together. Maybe a moment in time that was special to you both. Keep envisioning their face, smile and keep it locked in your mind.

4. As you do this, speak to them from within your mind. Tell them you miss them and love them. Tell them any messages you would like. They will hear you.

5. After you do this, tell them you would love to receive a message from them and one way for them to do this is to go to Steve Huff in Phoenix AZ at 10PM (or you could say “go tonight” or “in XXX hours), etc.

6. Tell them to leave you a message that you will understand. One that will mean something to you so you know it was from them.

7. Tell them you love them and that you hope to hear from them.

That is it. This should take 15 minutes minimum but feel free to go longer as you just may be seeing more and more than you had hoped while envisioning them. So 15 minutes minimum, up to about 30 minutes maximum.

After you do this, then you are done. I will do my session and it usually takes me an hour total. I will record the entire session and use a variety of devices and boxes to try to connect with your loved ones and have them bring a message through. As I said, in the past we have had many messages come through, some very complex and long. Keep in mind, I do not know anyone who is participating and I do not want or need ANY details from anyone. This is basically based on my Facebook fan page and I really have no idea who is participating. All I know is that as of today it is over 700 who are going to try this with me.

I will then post the video within 2 or so days here, on Facebook and on YouTube.

Below are 2-3 of the previous Group Sessions. If you read the comments on the YouTube page directly you can read comments from those who say they received messages. My YouTube channel can be reached directly HERE.