When Ghosts Speak (My Name)


When Ghosts Speak (My Name)

by Steve Huff

This has been happening quite often lately and I must have had about 30+ emails over the past 90 days with people sending me clips of their sessions using Ghost Box, Echovox or even E.V.P. where MY NAME is mentioned in their sessions, many times along with the usual “HELP” message. One example is in the video below. This is someone who did a session with their P-SB7 Spirit Box and my name came up. It is very clear. When he asked if they had a message for me, Steve Huff, their reply was “HELP”. Take a look at the video below for yourself. Again, this is not my video, but from a guy who follows my work. He was a skeptic and wanted to see what all of this was about himself. When he tried it, he realized that there was something to it and even though his YouTube channel name is “Skeptic Seeker” he is no longer a skeptic.

The Video below is from a guy who started with the P-SB7 Ghost Box after seeing my videos. He was a skeptic but look what he captured:

So why are so many out there getting my name in their sessions? Why are so many getting my name and the help messages as well? I really can not say for sure but do have a theory. Since I have started doing this I have attempted on many occasions to help lost souls to the light. It took me a while but I think after many attempts and meditations and visualizations that I succeeded once or twice. That was all it took. Once an earthbound spirit knows someone can help them then word spreads in the spirit world and many flock to that person. I think this is why so many hang around me and in my house. As I type this right now I feel then behind me and to the right of me, as if they are watching over and looking at what I am writing. I physically FEEL them. It is pretty intense but never ever scares me. Instead I welcome it and feel compassion for them. Sometimes I feel their sadness and sorrow. Sometimes I feel their excitement. Is this what being a sensitive is?


Am I meant to do this? Maybe. I really can not say but do know that I will keep trying to help as many as I can. One thing that gave me inspiration to do this was THIS BOOK. I read it front to back and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in helping lost souls. It was an eye opener and whether you believe the author or not, it is a great read and makes so much sense. It is called “When Ghosts Speak”. You can get it at Amazon HERE. 

After listening to so many sessions from others where my name is spoken it is starting to make me think. Am I really helping them or do they feel I can? Could be the reason I call myself a “Spirit Magnet” – as in, they may all be around me everywhere I go for this very reason of helping them. Something to think about.

I found this video in the forum here on this site. be sure to check it out as you can post your images, files, evidence or ask questions. All kinds of cool stuff and I have no added a few new forums, so get in on the discussion HERE if you have not yet joined in.