Throwback Thursday Videos: EVP everywhere!

Throwback Thursday Videos: EVP Everywhere!


All over facebook I see old images posted on “Throwback Thursday” so why not post an older video or two here today, on Thursday?

EVP in my bedroom late night after being awoken by a spirit presence

Some of you may have seen this 1st video but it is basically a video from November 2012 where I talk about EVP and ghost box and then show you some cool EVP’s that were captured in my bedroom at night after I had the feeling I get when a spirit is present. I remember this like it was yesterday as the EVP was so loud and clear saying “Wait for Debby’s Daughter”. There were more that came in as well, all late night with no one in the house being up.

Also some ghost box clips including an example of how spirits put together word to form a phrase using the box.

EVP at the Rossen House in Phoenix AZ

Some very cool EVP’s in the old Rossen house which is a historic house in Phoenix AZ. To me, there are a few VERY cool class A EVP’s here and a couple that are more quiet. The standout for me is “I See Her” when I ask if they know Debby, and the one that says “Debby will ??” See if you can make that one out for me 🙂 I also like the “Please..BUILD IT” which came in after the worker was talking about renovations in the background.

EVP in the Chapel – Sedona AZ – A child asks me  to stay

This one is not so old as it was done a few months ago but it is a stand out for me because it was teh 1st time I was able to get into the chapel 100% alone. Yes, I had a couple of minutes inside to myself and was able to capture an EVP of a child asking me to STAY with them. There were no children (or no one at all) inside with me and outside the door was the woman waiting for me so she could lock up. Everyone had gone. Debby was outside waiting for me. That was it, so the EVP of a child’s voice was recorded (but not heard in real time) and this time I can show that no  one was in the chapel with me. There are some other cool EVP’s here as well.

For those of you waiting for new videos, I will have something new up for this weekend! Then next week I will be doing some stuff at the Queen Mary as well as in San Francisco and the week after that will be the next Group Session, so lots to come!