Thank you all for the great site launch! 10k Visits on day one!


Thank you all for the great site launch! 10k Visits on day one!

Hey guys! Just wanted to thank ALL of you who have visited my new creation here over the past few days! I have big plans for this site and will make it bigger, better and full of information. There will always be cutting edge evidence and all kind of cool stuff to see or read or hear as I am more dedicated now more than ever. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back at least once per week for new stuff. I will most likely be updating this site 2-3X per week so there will always be something new for you to look at!

I am so impressed as the very 1st day this site was online it received almost 10,000 visits. ON THE VERY 1st DAY! Amazing, but again, thanks to all of YOU who have come here to check it out 😉


Remember, this site is just as much for you as it is for me. I plan on continuing on with the group sessions as well as eventually experimenting with one on one remote sessions. When I decide to try this, I will post about it on this website first. Of course, these tests will be 100% free as always.

Some have asked me why I made this site when I have the popular Facebook page, which in reality is much like a blog. Well, there are a few reasons.

1. Facebook has recently changed the way pages work. I now have almost 64,000 likes over at the Huff Paranormal FB page but when I make a new post or share a new video, Facebook is only sending it to 2-3% of my Facebook followers. They now want page owners to pay insane amounts of money to push the posts to their fan base. For example, for every post I make at Facebook, I can pay anywhere from $20-$3000.00 (yes, THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS) to spread it to my followers and beyond. I can understand Facebook wanting to make money as they do indeed offer a service. It does cost them loads of cash to keep Facebook alive and well. But I just can not afford to pay for my posts to be seen by all of you, who liked my page! So this is one reason this site was born as I want all of you who WANT to see it to be able to see it whenever you like, without a hassle. 

2. I have wanted to do it for almost two years now, and  feel the time has come. I am an experienced blogger and knew I could whip up a site in a day or two that could offer much more information and in an easier to read format than Facebook. I would be able to write more, share more videos and explain them more. I would also be able to offer other things that would not be possible on Facebook as well as educational posts and articles. I will be finishing this site in the next couple of weeks so expect some changes between now and then. 


3. More personalized. By working on this website and pouring my heart and soul into it, it will be much more personal, and much more of ME will go into it than just a generic Facebook post and it will show. All around, it just seemed like a better idea. It will also eventually allow me a way to make a little bit of money back (I spend thousands per year to do this work and make NOTHING) by allowing ads on the site. Even though these ads literally make almost nothing, something is better than absolutely nothing. If it pays for the cost of this site I will be happy as a clam. 

I also am hoping for some cool surprises and announcements soon! So thank you all!!