Spirit Talk: The difference between E.V.P. and Ghost Box replies


Spirit Talk: The difference between E.V.P. and Ghost Box replies

I remember about 10 years ago now, I was on the Queen Mary ship…you know, the one in Long Beach, CA..the one that is supposed to be haunted. I was on the ship for two nights and was there with my family. Brandon was only around 8 and we enjoyed the experience of being on an old creepy cruise ship that had a rich and sometimes morbid history. We took the typical daytime ghost tour on the ship and learned more about the spirits that supposedly haunt the ship. By night #1 we decided we wanted to try to get some EVP so we ran to the local Target and bought a Digital Voice Recorder for $50. We went back to the ship and walked the creepy halls from midnight to 2 A.M. I had the recorder in hand and as we walked we had some odd things happen.

First off, we were alone in the halls. The ship was empty at this hour and no one else was roaming the halls but Myself, Brandon, his Step-Brother Kyle and my now Ex-Wife. At one point Brandon and Kyle were whispering, but arguing about something.  In the recordings I heard a woman say “Beeeee Niiiiicceeee” as they were bickering. This was an E.V.P. that was captured on the recording. A voice that we did not hear at the time, but it was recorded onto the digital recorder device. Over the course of the walk we had a buzzer buzz when I asked them to let me know if they were there with us and we also picked up about 4-5 EVP’s.

At the time I had no idea that I was a “Spirit Magnet”. I had no idea that one day I would so easily and freely be communicating with these spirits and at that time I was excited but still in skeptic mode. I was trying to de-bunk those EVP’s and could not do it, but I still made excuses. One of them was recorded outside at 1AM. Again, I was walking behind everyone, alone. I hear a woman say “HOW ARE YOU”? loudly in the recording. It was crazy. I listened to those recordings probably 100 times and was amazed. Sadly, I lost them all when my external hard drive crashed about 5 years ago. If I still had them I would share them with you here. I guess it does not matter as I have recorded hundreds of EVP’s since that time, with 85% of them being class A E.V.P. I am excited as I will be back on the Queen Mary this month to do some investigating once again. I expect to get some very cool EVP evidence.

But what is an E.V.P. exactly? Well, it stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It is when you are recording audio or video and you pick up a voice in your recording that was not heard when you were recording. (I hear them 75% of the time with my ears these days). Many people record these EVP’s and never even know it as most people do not believe in this sort of thing even though it has been proven over and over and over again. E.V.P. has been recorded for over 60 years, and there have been many pioneers in the field. In the 70’s many used cassette recorders with external mics to record EVP. Brandon and I gave this a shot about two years ago and caught EVP’s in my kitchen quote easily but I much prefer todays technology.

Many used to think that white noise aided in the collection of E.V.P. but this is NOT the case. My best E.V.P. sessions were recorded without ANY noise at all. Many also think EM Pumps help with E.V.P. but they do not. I have actually had E.V.P.s  come in telling me NOT to use EM pumps and they do not use them. Spirits do like electricity though, and this is where they get their power (I have had EVP’s telling me this “Need power – electric”). Maybe this is why I feel like my body is being pumped with small doses of electricity when they are close by me. I always described the feeling as “an all over electricity in my body”. In any case, anyone ca attempt to get E.V.P., you can even use an iPhone but if you do, I suggest recording VIDEO. It is easier for them to leave E.V.P. this way.

So to be clear, E.V.P. is when you record a voice (and 99% of the time it will sound Human but with many times with an odd accent or inflection, unlike any we have here on earth. Sometimes it is a whisper, sometimes a grumbly scratchy sound and sometimes a child voice) on your recording device that was NOT there when you recorded. I can sit in my office, in dead quiet and record video by myself. I can ask for whoever is with me to leave a message and if there is someone with me, they do it. Sometimes it is LOUD and sometimes it is low volume. It is mandatory to use a good pair of headphones for EVP listening. I have several sets but my main EVP listening set is the VModa M 100 which you can see HERE.  If you are serious about EVP and getting into this type of work, you really do need good headphones. There are MUCH better ones that work even better but the VModa, for me, is a minimum as they cover all frequencies verity well and bring out the EVP’s in my recordings very clearly. I have used everything from Sennheiser, to Grado to Bose to Beats. My fave is the VModa for EVP.

Ghost Box Replies – DIRECT RADIO VOICE

Every day when on Facebook or looking at comments from within the Paranormal Community I see so many refer to Ghost Box replies as EVP. Ghost Box replies are NOT EVP!. Yes, you have white noise when doing a ghost box session and yes you CAN capture and EVP while doing your ghost box session..in fact, if you are recording your session correctly then there is a good chance that you will get an EVP or two during your recordings. Overall though, what you get out of the ghost box are not EVP. They are “Direct Radio Voice”. Direct Radio Voice can be captured during radio scan or even if you set the radio onto a station that has no signal, just static. I have set my radio on static and HEARD IN REAL TIME a voice come through responding to me. This is also Direct Radio Voice. Sounds impossible but when you get to a higher level in this it will happen if you try it and experiment. Below is a video sample of what I am talking about:

When using the ghost box as a normal ghost box, meaning, scanning channels at a fast rate it is impossible for full sentences to come in and for it to be from a radio broadcast. It is also impossible to be a direct response to your question and be from a radio broadcast. When a box scans it is scanning through all of the channels at a fast rate and the theory is that spirits use these bits and pieces of sound to form their words and phrases. Another theory is that they use this as energy to project their voice through the speaker. Much like when they leave an EVP, using the electronics of the recorder or camcorder, they use the electricity of the radio and the energy it is creating from scanning to be able to speak. This is what I believe to be true after years of research in this field. In any case, they are using the radio itself to speak to you and communicate.

Here are some  great Ghost Box replies as I try to create the light for spirits. They acknowledge what I am doing. 

So traditional EVP is when you record a voice without using a device or box. It can be recorded in complete silence and many times the spirit voice will comment on you, something you are doing or even converse with another spirit. I have had them comment on my T shirt, my watch, my bald head, my house, my room, etc. ALL in traditional EVP. With the Ghost Box they have done the same, even answered questions like “what am I holding in my hand”? “What color is my shirt”?

Many times with Ghost Box replies you will hear a full sentence while you hear the radio scanning in the background BEHIND the voices, it is incredible. Also, sometimes there will be a few of them working together to push the message out. I believe it is not very easy for them to leave a message, and this is why when many do use all of their energy to push out a message it is one that they feel is important, like “HELP ME”.

Using a Ghost Box can be a pretty incredible experience. There are days where you may get nothing at all, and then there are days when you will get a ton of response. The #1 thing you MUST ALWAYS do is to record your sessions. I record them all on video using a Roland R-05 or Zoom H6 digital recorder as my camcorder microphone. I plug in the recorders to the mic input of the camcorder and this is a technique I came up with for EVP over 2 years ago and now MANY are out there doing it and getting results, and I think that is so cool. It works better as it is giving them more power, more electronic devices in the chain. When I added a third device in a test I recorded even more powerful EVP responses but the rig was too heavy to carry around 😉

Below is a video I recorded in Sedona AZ using my mic and camcorder. At one point I am 100% by myself in the chapel as they were closing up. As the woman was about to lock it up I asked “Can I go back in for 1 minute”? She let me in all alone which is something I wanted to do for years. IN the past I recorded EVP here but because there were a few people inside sitting and being silent, some skeptics said my EVP was coming from those sitting with their mouths closed, lol.

So there I was. Inside all alone…and I picked up a GREAT EVP of a child asking me to stay with them. Remember, I was alone. The worker was outside and Debby my fiancée was outside. EVERYONE ELSE was gone! The child voice is a 100% EVP, and I have captured around 100 EVP’s in this place and it never fails. But to catch one and prove it is legit is amazing and now the skeptics are silent, or they just say I faked it (which I would NEVER EVER do in a million years).

So there is a difference between EVP and Ghost Box replies. Both can get you to discover things you never could have imagined existed but today in 2014 there are so many of us out there doing things like  this that one day soon, maybe in 10 years or so, this will all be accepted by MANY more people as the evidence is there to be seen and heard! They are out  there and they love to speak with us. No one knows the why’s are where’s or even the what’s yet and we may never know but we do know that we can indeed communicate with the other side if we are dedicated and legitimate in our reasons.



More EVP’s, this one during a thunderstorm (Electricity). Here a female spirit talks about the Homeless cat we took in, Mr. Cat (That is what we call him, and she called him by that name as well in a soothing voice)


I have MANY more EVP videos on my YouTube channel HERE.