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Wonder Box Mini – First Test This was meant to be a test but it ended up being a pretty damn good session. Using a police scanner in reverse mode, and the Murmur Box app (free Android app) which puts out human speech in reverse (I had reverse modes off for this one) the spirits were not only coming through, but giving more info than they normally do during a quick session. The Wonder Box Mini is a smaller version of my huge wonder box. Has all the same features and then some as this one runs on power from the wall or a battery pack. All four NEW pedals, custom algorithms for reverb and reverse and the new DIRECT LINE MODE. Simply awesome. Many have asked me if I would sell this box, and I always say “not really’ due to time, expense to make, shipping, etc. But I […]

100% UN-DEBUNKABLE SESSION. A TRUE Telephone to the Dead. Incredible. Hello to all! I am back today with a new session, and a new method for connecting with spirits that is absolutely 100% UN-DEBUNKABLE. That is fact. No one can explain what is happening here, or deny it. Well, many can deny it as most skeptics go to this as a backup when they can not explain it away. I prefer reality 😉 What is happening here was led to me by the spirits themselves. When I added the telephone handset to the Wonder Box, they kept saying things like “use the phone”, “the telephone”…etc. These can all be seen in videos I have posted recently. A few days ago, they said “TELEPHONE” again. I then said “I have tried speaking into it, but it does not seem to help with anything”..the reply was “using wrong”. Then after a few […]

  THE FULL JOHNNY CASH SESSIONS – FIVE OF THEM – WITH A CROSS OVER ATTEMPT Over the past week or two I have been experimenting with a new ITC method. A new way to try to connect with a specific spirit using my all new Wonder Box spirit communication device. It sounded quite simple. After a session I recently posted where a guide told me they could get whoever I asked for now, I decided to try it out with sessions on Michael Jackson and Johnny Cash. While both had amazing results, I felt a connection to Johnny Cash as I have been a fan for MANY years, and he was my Father’s fave artist. So growing up, there was never a JC shortage. When the words were coming in his own voice saying he was in hell, he has not gone to the light and that he wanted […]

SPIRIT VOICE: Johnny Cash & Michael Jackson Sessions. Wonder Box. Simply amazing. My favorite personal session to date, and that is saying a lot as I have hundreds of sessions and thousands of hours of recordings. I always say that we have NO WAY to ever tell who is coming through these devices. We know SOMETHING is, and they tell me they are spirits, souls, and sometimes they will use the word ghost. Everything I have learned from these years of research tells me that WE ARE INDEED talking with the dead. But connecting with a specific person? That CAN be tricky, take loads of energy, meditation and a true desire to reach out to that one person. To date, I feel I have connected now with TWO specific people without a doubt…I say I BELIEVE THIS, as I was the one doing the sessions, it was my experience and […]

SCD-1 and WONDER BOX Session. BREATHTAKING. Did a session with my completed WONDER BOX today, with my SCD-1. What happened was extraordinary. Replies were more direct than ever and I heard 95% of the replies in real time compared to 50% of the original portal. THIS IS AMAZING GUYS, check out the video as it explains itself.

The Wonder Box is HERE. My new ITC Device. I have spent the last two years doing massive research and development. I have spent thousands, over $13,000 testing ideas, doing experiments, and finding ways to help spirit talk to us more clearly, more coherently and with more focus on CONVERSATION. More intelligent interactions. First there was the SCD-1, which was the 1st step. An App that worked like a scanning ghost box, but without the annoying static and noise that plagues spirit box devices (WHITE NOISE HINDERS communication). Then came the Portal, which excelled at creating an environment for clearer, louder, more relevant replies. It even quieted down the ultra harsh and noisy P-SB7 by around 60%. Hundreds have now been made by people all around the globe. The combo of SCD-1 and the Portal is creating some of the best spirit communication ever, and this is 100% fact. It […]

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