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Testing the new MINIBOX app, and taking a 2 week break from sessions… Happy Friday to all! Just finished my Friday night ritual of watching Paranormal Lockdown and decided to sit down in my office and write-up a post as I just realized I never shared the last 3-4 videos I made for those who check this website. I know many of you do not go to facebook, and instead check this page often so if you have not seen what I have been up to lately, read on my good friends. Just this week my friend Anthony Sanchez recently came out with a new app (For Windows OS Only) called MINIBOX, and I was excited to see what he brewed up when he asked me to test it for a couple of days before he launched it. It’s been a while since Anthony released a new ITC app, so I had […]

Hear the Voices of the Dead. Intense session with energy transfer device test. Last week I did a session using my “Human Antenna” again, and it will most likely be the last time I use it on my own. I have used it 3 times now, maybe 4, but 3 times for a full spirit session and each time with enhanced results..once even with visions (see that one here) It consists of a copper coil around my head, around my body and on my finger all going into the device to test a theory that they can use MY energy to speak. It also implements certain kinds of crystals that I have found seems to help with communication and connecting. I feel this energy transfer works to some extent but when I use it I also feel more drained and each time, not 100% myself when done. Meaning, twice I […]

Talking to the Spirits in my Home with my Latest Wonder Box. In case you missed this one, here is a video I did three days ago and it’s a good one. A session in my home with my latest Wonder Box that is just getting clearer and more direct than ever. I also go over the Wonder Box a little, talk about other things such as ITC technology, Paranormal Lockdown on using the device and more.  This one clocks in at around 22 minutes. Enjoy

My Experience on Paranormal Lockdown with my Wonder Box- The Bellaire House Some of you may have seen Paranormal Lockdown last night, the episode at the Bellaire house. This was episode 7 of season 2, and wow what a crazy and intense episode. A MUST SEE as I feel it may be one of the most valid, real and incredible Ghost Show episodes ever aired. I was there, and below I write about my real experience on the show. Enjoy.  Yep, I was on this episode as a guest to help out with the investigation as was my good friend in the field George Brown. We brought our devices to the house to help Nick and Katrina (and Rob) unlock some of the secrets of the house. I knew that when they asked me to join them that it would be an amazing night. In fact, I knew it would […]

A BONE CHILLING SPIRIT COMMUNICATION SESSION. UNREAL but VERY REAL. MUST SEE. WOW. I built a new Wonder Box + and added a couple of new things. This is built to ship out to someone but before I put on the feet and tidy it up, I wanted to test it to make sure it could receive communication. I fired it up and all I will say is. WOW. Be sure to watch it below. Blew me away and chilled me to the bone last night. Enjoy! Also, do not forget to tune in tomorrow, Jan 20th to PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN on TLC. I WILL be on the show using my Wonder Box along with Nick, Katrina and good buddy George Brown. A MUST SEE! #PARANORMALLOCKDOWN

Group Night Returned! It was amazing…see the video here! It has been a while but something told me yesterday  to “do a group night session”. So I went to my facebook last night and did a live stream announcing that in 3 hours I would be doing a group night session, just like I used to do them over the years. Many are new to me and my channel and may not know what a “group night” is so let me explain. A few years ago I started these group sessions, usually doing one per month. I would post an event page on my Huff Paranormal facebook page 2-4 weeks in advance with instructions on how ANYONE anywhere in the world could participate. The goal? To have the deceased loved ones of those who participate try to come through and leave a validation message for them.  All those who wanted to join […]

The Clearest Spirit Box Session In Existence. My Latest Wonder Box Session. Holy wow guys. I have been making my latest Wonder Box with the latest enhancements and here I was working all day every day on them for the last week. I decided to take one that I took a liking to tonight, just about an hour ago, and turn it on to do a small session. I was blown away by what I heard. It was clear as can be, and direct. This Wonder Box I was using is not even done yet, as it still needs it’s antenna, and two more things added, which will improve it even more.   We are on the cusp of something big here with spirit communication. I have never heard any device be as clear and direct as this and I created it which just boggles my brain but then I […]

The Portal Wonder Box tells Nick Groff to “DIG”, and he did…Paranormal Lockdown Premiere I am just in awe tonight as I saw Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman on Paranormal Lockdown use my device, the Portal Wonder Box. Now, normally that would be awesome for me in itself. But what I just witnessed on Paranormal Lockdown with the Season 2 Premiere was out of this world. If you did not see it, I suggest watching it. Not just because they use the Portal Wonder Box, but because of the entire episode. It may have been the best produced and well done Paranormal Episode of ANY show I have ever seen. You guys know I am not a fan of over the top dramatized shows (like some can be) but for this one, I looked at the evidence and the investigation as a whole. The validations they received were possibly the […]

Testing My Energy Transfer Accessory for Spirit Communication. The Results? Hear for yourself…but first… (Video is at the bottom after my long-winded story of how this all came to be) Well, it has been weeks since I was going to start on my new device for spirit communication but for now, that has taken a back seat as it will take some dedication and lots of time. Time I will not have until starting Feb/March of 2017. So instead on gathering parts and building an all new device from scratch I decided to take action on something that was shown to me one day while driving with Debby from Sedona AZ. 100% TRUE STORY We were driving, well..I was at the wheel and all of a sudden I saw a flash in my head and it was an image, a moving image of myself, and three others sitting at a […]

The Ghosts of the Hotel San Carlos (Video) and the Aftermath This past weekend Debby and I stayed the night at what is said to be one of, if not the most Haunted Hotel in Phoenix AZ. The Hotel San Carlos. The full 40 minute video which I worked on  right after getting home from the Hotel Sunday morning and had it live by Sunday evening. Enjoy.    The Hotel San Carlos was opened in 1928 and a year later, a woman by the name of Leone Jensen traveled to Phoenix to meet up with her boyfriend/fiance as he worked and moved to the state himself and they were to be married. According to the story, when Leone arrived her Fiance was no longer in love with her, and he did not want to be married. He fell in love with someone else. Falling deep into a depression, Leone, who was checked into the […]

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