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Group Night Preview for March 2017. Teaser Clip with a Validation… I did the group night session last night as planned, and I hope many of you took part this time. Had a whole different vibe than last month, and not sure why. Either way, I have yet to listen to all of the recording but will be doing so this week. For now, I pulled one that stood out a little to me that sounded like a validation. Here is the clip:   I always say, just getting ONE validation is amazing and special and makes it all worth it in every way. When I go through all of the footage I am hoping for many more. I will be posting the full session this week, as soon as I have 6-8 hours to go through it all. Thanks to all who took part and the spirits who came […]

The GB-1 App Validation Files. Proof that it’s legit! After I posted my full 1st test of the new GB-1 App from┬ámany were excited just as I was and some cried that it was fake or nonsense. Well, I knew this was not the case as I would NEVER EVER recommend anything that was a sham. This is the reason I have been telling so many for 3+ years that the OVILUS is not worth the $250! I buy a ton of “Ghost Hunting” gear that makes great claims and to date I have realized so many things that so many buy are really garbage. There are a few things that are needed for spirit communication. One is recorder for standard EVP. Another is a video camera. Then a ghost box. Then Echovox. Now we also have the GB-1 App, which is for WINDOWS PC’s and Tablets ONLY. It […]

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