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The Man Who Talks to the Dead. My YouTube Channel Preview for April-June 2017 –Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing great, and keeping a smile on in this crazy world we live in. Just wanted to share my latest Youtube channel preview trailer which showcases the Wonder Box and what I do.Over the last few weeks my work has been getting seen by more and more all over the world. Some are taking notice that yes indeed, this is all real and factual research. Over the last seven years I have collected what I and many feel could be the best evidence to prove that there is indeed life after death. What I do has not been debunked, and can not be debunked…because it is real. There is never an explanation of why my name, first and last, is called when I do spirit sessions. There is no explanation for […]

Testing Prototype 2 of The Astral Doorway ITC Device This may or may not be my new device depending on more testing and my 1st real builds performance…but this is a device I have envisioned now for many many months. The Astral Doorway. When coming up with a name for this I was stumped. Then I remembered an experience I had when I was 17 years old. While I am now 47, and getting up there in my age back then I was fascinated with Astral Travel. I have always been fascinated with the spirit world, ghosts and the afterlife. Back then I bought a book on how to successfully have an out of body astral travel experience in 90 days. I followed that book to the letter. Did everything it said and I focused, I did my exercises and even all of the writing that was involved with keeping […]

Talking to the Dead. My latest videos and what I am up to… Hey everyone! It has been a while since I updated this website. Been busy with life, and work and an office “remodel”. Also been making a few Wonder Box’s for researchers and having nice time doing so. I find it therapeutic actually. I have uploaded new videos to my YouTube channel since my last update here, and I will post them all below in case you missed them. My latest shows me using my Wonder Box with only an Olympus LS-P2 digital recorder as the source..for true real time EVP. No app, no radio yet replies still come through. So…what am I up to right now and beyond? This year I will be doing 2-3 trips/investigations and working with others along the way. In April I will be meeting up with Keith and Carissa from the Chillseekers […]

Hear the Voices of the Dead. Intense session with energy transfer device test. Last week I did a session using my “Human Antenna” again, and it will most likely be the last time I use it on my own. I have used it 3 times now, maybe 4, but 3 times for a full spirit session and each time with enhanced results..once even with visions (see that one here) It consists of a copper coil around my head, around my body and on my finger all going into the device to test a theory that they can use MY energy to speak. It also implements certain kinds of crystals that I have found seems to help with communication and connecting. I feel this energy transfer works to some extent but when I use it I also feel more drained and each time, not 100% myself when done. Meaning, twice I […]

Intense One on One Session with a Female Spirit..this one is different. Wonder Box Custom Just when I think it could not get any stranger or more intense, this happens. I woke up and decided to record a session with my Wonder Box Custom while I made and drank my morning coffee. I could not get my Portal + or Matrix apps to load up (my Android tab is slow as molasses) so by the time I got the session started it was 10 minutes later. When it did start up (using the free Vortex app) what happened was unusual. Never have I had this happen before. I have had the box go silent before but never like this. In fact even when it has gone silent in the past there were a few voices that would come in. Here, this was basically a one on one as a female […]

Talking to the Spirits in my Home with my Latest Wonder Box. In case you missed this one, here is a video I did three days ago and it’s a good one. A session in my home with my latest Wonder Box that is just getting clearer and more direct than ever. I also go over the Wonder Box a little, talk about other things such as ITC technology, Paranormal Lockdown on using the device and more.  This one clocks in at around 22 minutes. Enjoy

The Ghosts of the Hotel San Carlos (Video) and the Aftermath This past weekend Debby and I stayed the night at what is said to be one of, if not the most Haunted Hotel in Phoenix AZ. The Hotel San Carlos. The full 40 minute video which I worked on  right after getting home from the Hotel Sunday morning and had it live by Sunday evening. Enjoy.    The Hotel San Carlos was opened in 1928 and a year later, a woman by the name of Leone Jensen traveled to Phoenix to meet up with her boyfriend/fiance as he worked and moved to the state himself and they were to be married. According to the story, when Leone arrived her Fiance was no longer in love with her, and he did not want to be married. He fell in love with someone else. Falling deep into a depression, Leone, who was checked into the […]

  If you only watch one of my videos, make it this one… Lately, ever since creating the Wonder Box, I have been getting more and more serious communication and some of it has been really making me think long and hard as it is getting “very real”, about as real as it can get. Using Matt Paynes, FREE Divination Box app, which I feel is a perfect mate to the wonder box, I am getting full on conversational type communication. No noise, no scanning, no modulation over the voice and to top it off, all audio comes out of this app in REVERSE, backwards human speech. This means if we get clear direct answers to our questions, in real-time, then it can not be explained away as anything but PARANORMAL. The video below is going to show you the most incredible spirit communication I have ever received in my […]

100% UN-DEBUNKABLE SESSION. A TRUE Telephone to the Dead. Incredible. Hello to all! I am back today with a new session, and a new method for connecting with spirits that is absolutely 100% UN-DEBUNKABLE. That is fact. No one can explain what is happening here, or deny it. Well, many can deny it as most skeptics go to this as a backup when they can not explain it away. I prefer reality 😉 What is happening here was led to me by the spirits themselves. When I added the telephone handset to the Wonder Box, they kept saying things like “use the phone”, “the telephone”…etc. These can all be seen in videos I have posted recently. A few days ago, they said “TELEPHONE” again. I then said “I have tried speaking into it, but it does not seem to help with anything”..the reply was “using wrong”. Then after a few […]

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