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A Creepy Session. “We Should Kill You”.    Hey all, hope everyone is fantastic and having a great start to the week. For me, it’s been busy as always but just wanted to share my most recent session that was sort of creepy and dark. I used the Wonder Box Custom (#6 of #15) along with Spiritus and it sounded amazing here. Wonder Box Custom The video speaks for itself. So take a look (it’s at the top of this page).   I wish everyone a GREAT week. Love and Light to all, Steve

Group Night Preview for March 2017. Teaser Clip with a Validation… I did the group night session last night as planned, and I hope many of you took part this time. Had a whole different vibe than last month, and not sure why. Either way, I have yet to listen to all of the recording but will be doing so this week. For now, I pulled one that stood out a little to me that sounded like a validation. Here is the clip:   I always say, just getting ONE validation is amazing and special and makes it all worth it in every way. When I go through all of the footage I am hoping for many more. I will be posting the full session this week, as soon as I have 6-8 hours to go through it all. Thanks to all who took part and the spirits who came […]

A Spirit Session using only the Spiritus app and my Phone. Wow. George Michael’s voice? I think so.  It’s been a while since I have done a session with only an app, without my Portal Wonder Box. Since I sold my personal Wonder Box recently (to build an all new one for myself with my latest ideas) I actually do not have a portal here at all right now. I came down with the flu and spent the last 5 days resting instead of building a new box for myself. So yesterday I was starting to feel better and I thought “I have not done a Spiritus session in a while”…so I pulled out my iPhone and opened up the Spiritus app and recorded a short session. What happened surprised me as I feel I captured THE VOICE of George Michael. if you know his voice, you will recognize it […]

Incredible Spirit Sessions: Wonder Box Mini with new apps, telephone to the dead and more! These days I wake up every day feeling blessed, loved, and with a peace of mind I have never had in my life. For the past 5-6 years I have become very spiritual, and also I have been of a very positive mindset for all of this time. I reject negativity and hate at all costs as those things will in fact bring you down in life. I see it every day, every hour. In the age of the internet where negative people thrive as they can be faceless (wearing masks is cowardly), nameless (fake names and profiles are cowardly) and cowardly while pushing their hate lie filled BS agenda. People like that, how are they supposed to be taken seriously? Me, I am the opposite, and I thank God for that each and every […]

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