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The Ghosts of the Hotel San Carlos (Video) and the Aftermath This past weekend Debby and I stayed the night at what is said to be one of, if not the most Haunted Hotel in Phoenix AZ. The Hotel San Carlos. The full 40 minute video which I worked on  right after getting home from the Hotel Sunday morning and had it live by Sunday evening. Enjoy.    The Hotel San Carlos was opened in 1928 and a year later, a woman by the name of Leone Jensen traveled to Phoenix to meet up with her boyfriend/fiance as he worked and moved to the state himself and they were to be married. According to the story, when Leone arrived her Fiance was no longer in love with her, and he did not want to be married. He fell in love with someone else. Falling deep into a depression, Leone, who was checked into the […]

My 1st official Wonder Box Ultimate Test. Wow, does it sound out of this world. My brain never ever rests when it comes to thinking of new ways to enhance and improve the field of I.T.C. Every time I make a new device I think “This is as good as it can get” Then, months later I think “This can be improved” and I go to work testing new ideas and new theories and new ways of enhancing spirit communication. I wanted the clarity to get as clear as normal talking, I wanted response to be more direct, I wanted long sentence replies to be the norm. I wanted a way to help enhance with connections to their world and it has all come together in my latest Wonder Box Device. This was not cheap to make, in fact, parts alone for MY personal box cost me around $1150 (I […]

Introducing the Portal App. It’s FREE! Hey guys, happy THURSDAY to all! Almost to the end of the week and I am happy the weekend is almost here (even though we are supposed to reach 120 degrees in Phx this weekend with record setting heat) and wanted to share some cool news with all of you! Many of you know I have had a few ITC devices and apps I have created over the years. The SCD-1, The Impossible Box, Ethereal, The Portal, The Wonder Box…all tools to help push the limits of spirit communication, and oh have they ever done just that. Today there are thousands using the apps with my name on them, and to date, the only apps I have had a hand in creating have been premium, pro level software tools like the SCD-1, which is still my top fave and my GOTO when replies and info […]

The Wonder Box is HERE. My new ITC Device. I have spent the last two years doing massive research and development. I have spent thousands, over $13,000 testing ideas, doing experiments, and finding ways to help spirit talk to us more clearly, more coherently and with more focus on CONVERSATION. More intelligent interactions. First there was the SCD-1, which was the 1st step. An App that worked like a scanning ghost box, but without the annoying static and noise that plagues spirit box devices (WHITE NOISE HINDERS communication). Then came the Portal, which excelled at creating an environment for clearer, louder, more relevant replies. It even quieted down the ultra harsh and noisy P-SB7 by around 60%. Hundreds have now been made by people all around the globe. The combo of SCD-1 and the Portal is creating some of the best spirit communication ever, and this is 100% fact. It […]

The Power of the Huff Paranormal SCD-1 (Spirit Communication Device #1) To see a full detailed Q&A on the SCD-1, click HERE — To read real customer reviews, CLICK HERE — To buy the SCD-1, CLICK HERE for instant download — To buy the Software CD disc, buy the SCD-1 disc on Amazon (Prime Eligible)  I have to be honest. I feel extremely blessed with my life. For the past five years I have been blessed over and over and over again and I always knew deep down that this “Paranormal Journey” of mine would take me someplace…I just was not sure where. Today I know where it has taken me and where it will be taking me in the future. Just to be involved in creating the new SCD-1 app, I feel overwhelmed with joy, excitement and peace. It is an amazing feeling that I had a hand in creating such an incredible and powerful tool […]

The SCD-1? A True Telephone to the Dead? I’d say YES. The SCD-1 (spirit communication device) has been out for ONE MONTH and is now being called such things as “the best ITC tool ever developed”  or “The true Telephone to the Dead”…by many who use it. Seasoned pros in the field, well-known and respected mediums, researchers whose experience spans back 40 years and more are using the SCD-1 with amazement at the connection it is able to give them to what appears to be the spirit world. Never in the history of the Spirit Box or Spirit Apps has ANYTHING delivered as many direct replies as the SCD-1 has in one short month. Use it correctly as I outlined and it will give you the best conditions for direct communication. People all over the world are using it with amazing success. It’s an amazing thing and what I am seeing is that those who are […]

The SCD-1 is NOW available!  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE SCD-1 DEDICATED PAGE for ALL INFORMATION THAT YOU EVER NEED TO KNOW ON THIS INCREDIBLE SCD-1! Instructions, Q&A, Details, What to Expect and much more! This is an app developed by myself and Anthony Sanchez of We have THREE Servers set up for purchase! Click below to go right to the buy page but PLEASE click HERE to see the full SCD-1 page and information!  Click below to BUY the SCD-1

The GB-1 App Validation Files. Proof that it’s legit! After I posted my full 1st test of the new GB-1 App from many were excited just as I was and some cried that it was fake or nonsense. Well, I knew this was not the case as I would NEVER EVER recommend anything that was a sham. This is the reason I have been telling so many for 3+ years that the OVILUS is not worth the $250! I buy a ton of “Ghost Hunting” gear that makes great claims and to date I have realized so many things that so many buy are really garbage. There are a few things that are needed for spirit communication. One is recorder for standard EVP. Another is a video camera. Then a ghost box. Then Echovox. Now we also have the GB-1 App, which is for WINDOWS PC’s and Tablets ONLY. It […]

The New GB-1 Ghost Box App Test. Incredible Spirit Validation. It’s real! You can download this app (for windows only)  – direct link to GB-1 is HERE. Just yesterday a new “APP” was released for the purpose of Spirit Communication. Big deal right? I mean, there are hundreds of nonsense apps out there being sold for your mobile device that will set you back anywhere from $1 to $50 and 99.8% of them are awful. They are gimmicks and toys..not real, and they do not work. To date, well, before this GB-1 App, the only app I have used that was 100% real and legitimate for ITC and Spirit Communication has been ECHOVOX. You can read about Echovox HERE. Echovox has been amazing for me and lately I have not been able to use it as much because my Android device has broken for the 2nd time. I am an Apple […]

Spirit Box Validations. Billy gives thanks. Had a short but very sweet session last night with the old 12-587 Spirit Box. It performed amazingly well last night in crystal clarity. It seems that lately all of my boxes are performing to a level they have never gotten to and I am not sure if it is my abilities (that are growing) or what is going on but I like it. If you have followed me for any amount of time you will know who “Billy” is. His name has popped up in MANY sessions over the past few months with his name spoken in crystal clarity, unmistakable by believer and skeptic alike. It was told to me in a session (that has been posted) that Billy is the little boy I captured in the ITC photo a few months ago. That can be seen below or here in more detail. […]

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