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Good spirit communication apps WORK. So do Radios. But what do the spirits prefer? 1st let me ask the spirits using a P-SB7 spirit radio  what they prefer…then below some undeniable amazing sessions using APPS…   Hey to all! I hope everyone if off to a great start of their week. It is Monday and while I used to hate Mondays, these days I love them. For me it represents the start of a new week, a week that I can try my best to make better than the week before. So think positive! Think happy thoughts and I bet your week will be that much better. EEK! I have been hearing about more negativity within the usual negative ITC circles lately. It seems many still prefer drama to research and anger and jealousy to productivity. It’s really sad to see but it has always been there, and in fact, it […]

Group Night Returned! It was amazing…see the video here! It has been a while but something told me yesterday  to “do a group night session”. So I went to my facebook last night and did a live stream announcing that in 3 hours I would be doing a group night session, just like I used to do them over the years. Many are new to me and my channel and may not know what a “group night” is so let me explain. A few years ago I started these group sessions, usually doing one per month. I would post an event page on my Huff Paranormal facebook page 2-4 weeks in advance with instructions on how ANYONE anywhere in the world could participate. The goal? To have the deceased loved ones of those who participate try to come through and leave a validation message for them.  All those who wanted to join […]

The veil is lifting. My best spirit box session ever. So one day after the Group Session #7, that I was personally not 100% happy with due to buzzing noises, interference, and some footage that ended up not being recorded correctly (no audio) I did another session. This time it was for a group of three, something I have never done before. I have done a session for one person before and of course the group sessions but never for 3 people. It was an experiment that I did and had no idea how it would go but I was excited to give it a go. After going through the video and audio I started to realize that this session was jammed packed full of replies, messages and responses. All were very clear and there was no interference that affected the results. In fact, there were so many replies I […]

When Ghosts Speak (My Name) by Steve Huff This has been happening quite often lately and I must have had about 30+ emails over the past 90 days with people sending me clips of their sessions using Ghost Box, Echovox or even E.V.P. where MY NAME is mentioned in their sessions, many times along with the usual “HELP” message. One example is in the video below. This is someone who did a session with their P-SB7 Spirit Box and my name came up. It is very clear. When he asked if they had a message for me, Steve Huff, their reply was “HELP”. Take a look at the video below for yourself. Again, this is not my video, but from a guy who follows my work. He was a skeptic and wanted to see what all of this was about himself. When he tried it, he realized that there was something […]

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