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A Test of a new Wonder Box custom, and an Explanation of what was said.. So I just finished a new Wonder Box custom and added something new to test again, so this was built to be my new personal box. The day I finished it I set it on my blue stool where I normally take photos of every box I have made and after taking a few shots of it, I turned it on for a 3-5 minute test. I hooked in the new MINIBOX app into it from I recorded for and asked some questions. When you watch it, you may think the spirits are not making sense, but they are. The video below will show the short session first. THEN, I will show it again with an explanation of what is being said, and it all makes sense.   Remember, spirits are energy, pure energy […]

I ask questions..they answer. Plus some details.. If you saw my last video and post here you would have seen I said I was taking a 2 week break from doing sessions. Well, that lasted 3 days, lol. But in all seriousness, I am indeed taking a break. In fact, Debby and I are heading to Las Vegas for the next 3 days to get away  for some fun and R&R (and we do not even gamble). But today, while doing some work I had to get done I was thinking how direct the answers have become for me using the Wonder Box with the new MINIBOX app. I said “what if I just ask 3-4 questions, record for 3-5 minutes..would they answer me directly”? I wanted to ask my guides if I should keep doing this work and research as since November, they have been causing some health issues […]

Testing the new MINIBOX app, and taking a 2 week break from sessions… Happy Friday to all! Just finished my Friday night ritual of watching Paranormal Lockdown and decided to sit down in my office and write-up a post as I just realized I never shared the last 3-4 videos I made for those who check this website. I know many of you do not go to facebook, and instead check this page often so if you have not seen what I have been up to lately, read on my good friends. Just this week my friend Anthony Sanchez recently came out with a new app (For Windows OS Only) called MINIBOX, and I was excited to see what he brewed up when he asked me to test it for a couple of days before he launched it. It’s been a while since Anthony released a new ITC app, so I had […]

The veil is lifting. My best spirit box session ever. So one day after the Group Session #7, that I was personally not 100% happy with due to buzzing noises, interference, and some footage that ended up not being recorded correctly (no audio) I did another session. This time it was for a group of three, something I have never done before. I have done a session for one person before and of course the group sessions but never for 3 people. It was an experiment that I did and had no idea how it would go but I was excited to give it a go. After going through the video and audio I started to realize that this session was jammed packed full of replies, messages and responses. All were very clear and there was no interference that affected the results. In fact, there were so many replies I […]

Re-Visiting the Domes of Casa Grande, AZ A couple of days ago I was bored with not much  to do and my Nephew was here visiting from Indiana. Brandon was here and we sat around trying to think of something to do. I mentioned “we canto to the domes”! About a 90 minute drive from my house and we decided to go for it. I visited the domes once before with Debby and it was pretty un eventful but hey, it was a hot summer day and you never know what may happen, right? So away we went on the 90 minute trek. If you want to read up on the domes and what they are, click here. Me inside the domes last year when I visited Many claim that the domes are haunted but I do not have that opinion at all. While I feel spirits are everywhere and some […]

Spirit tells me how I will die. Mental questions get answered. Over the years I have recorded a few responses via spirit box (and one via EVP) where they tell me to “speak with my mind and not my mouth”. I believe they speak telepathically and somehow use electricity to form words and phrases. Not sure how it all works, but it does work. One thing I have noticed is that I have been getting progressively better and clearer responses from the other side over the past six months. Clearer voices, direct replies and full phrases coming through. I have proven time and time again that it is impossible to be radio signals and yes, that I am indeed a spirit magnet. How this happened to me is a mystery but I do know I felt compelled to pursue this field with all of my heart and soul. I have been […]

Helping the Dead. Is it possible? New video! The MiniBox Plus spirit box brings in some amazing replies I finally managed to get my hands on a real “MiniBox Plus” spirit box device which is like a standard MiniBox on steroids. It is bigger, has more features and works quite a bit differently than the standard box. The MiniBox plus that I have here is only the AM version (really want an AM/FM) but it manages to pull in some amazing replies. It was sent to me to test out by Tim Woolworth (from and after using it I made him an offer on it to buy it. He did not want to sell but he has two so he decided to take my offer. So now, this box will belong to me. It is not the best box I have ever used or tested but it is up […]

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